Why Over trainingWorkouts Are The BIGGEST …” Killer of Bodybuilders”

you have got to train hard but don't over train

There is a subconscious trait that we All need to overcome when we first hit the gym and one we must beat before we can Build Muscle or make any real progress in the gym. It can set you back months, even years, resulting in dead dreams, and relegating  your memories to…what could have been.

This human treat is probably one of the primary triggers, which can lead the majority of people down the road to failure in the gym. Although there are several other good reasons for why many people labour to make any progress in the gym, one of the most common problems is… over-trainingWorkouts?

We humans have this insatiable ability to take opposite actions to those that may lead to good health and a great life, drugs or smoking for example.  In the gym people get sucked into the belief that the longer you train the better will be the results. But this unfortunately, couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to bodybuilding and aiming to ‘Increase Muscle Size’ workouts should be structured so that over-training is alienated from you program.

You need to understand that over training occurs when the amount of stress you place on your body is more than it can handle. Couple this with any mental stress plus the physical stress of exercise, can put you in an over-trained state.

So what as ‘Stress’ got to do with decreased muscle growth

Let’s keep this simple.  Anabolic steroids are muscle building, but Cortisol, known as the ‘Stress’ hormone, is a muscle wasting hormone, it eats tissue that’s been broken down during normal living. It does this so that new tissue can be built in its place. And ‘Yes’ what do you do when you train hard…brake down muscle tissues.

So as you can see flooding the body with cortisol simply eats muscle. It unfortunately, also makes blood pressure and blood sugar levels raise to… a double whammy.

Although scientists can now determine if you are crossing the line into over training by measuring markers in your blood that’s produced by the damage, which occurs when you train, rendering yourself to blood tests every few weeks could become irritating and expensive!

However, there are a few easier ways to tell if you’re over training, these include…

  1. Excess fatigue or tiredness
  2. Changes in your mood
  3. Muscle and joint pain (does not include the mild soreness you feel after a hard workout)
  4. A loss of appetite
  5. And difficulty in concentrating at work

One of the most common signs of over training workouts is the destructive effect it as on your zest to train.

So what’s going on, well in a nutshell during training your body is attempting to repair the damage you are inflicting upon your muscle. But the body is so run down, it can’t. You have in affect upset the natural balance that exists between training and recovery. This will result in an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, and no progress can take place.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to correct this imbalance, and ensure you’re doing everything possible to maximize your progress in the gym.

  • Take a rest…

If you’re concerned for any reason that you may be over trained, take a break from exercise. A week off won’t make any difference in the great scheme of things, but could make a huge difference to your physical and mental well-being and help to recharge your batteries.

  • Change your routine…

Simply by modifying or varying the type of program you follow is enough to help you break out of a training rut. For example, change from heavy weight to lighter weights and higher reps (visa-versa), decrease the time between sets, pre-exhaust your muscle first, do your last exercise first, take out one exercise and replace it with a new exercise, change your routine around every week.

  • Get your sleep…

If the stress of training or your lifestyle is interfering or playing havoc with your sleep pattens then you need to address this matter…now! Because you’re losing out big time.  When we achieve deep sleep we produce ‘Human Growth Hormone’ (HGH), which is responsible for repairing damaged tissues. This combination of over training and lack of sleep will outstrip your natural ability to recover and grow!

You should aim to train for no more than 45 minutes. Don’t think this is enough time to train…well think again. Because your body will start to shut down within 45 minutes whether you like it or not.  

This may not be what you want to hear or use to doing in the gym, maybe you normally train for 1.5hurs, because you feel that’s you need this amount of time to fully train your muscles. But unfortunately, you are not in control of your normal bodily functions and training 5 minutes over this time frame could well put you into an over-trained state.

I have seen members of a gym who had been training longer than some of the other big bodybuilders, I can’t take it away from them they trained hard, but never gain much in the way of  Muscle mass’, simply because they over-trained their muscle groups for far too long.

In reality muscle can only grow when it’s fully repaired. So if you end up over training your muscles every time you train the muscle can never repair the end result isno growth.

Apart from over-training there could be an other possibility…

There are times when over training could be put down to nothing more than poor nutrition…it’s very important to feed your body with the nutrients it needs to recover. Maybe you need to rethink your diet and nutrition intake or include a supplement that helps with recovery.

There are two that spring to mine…

One of the best and well tested products is…Glutamine

Glutamine is one of the most abundance amino acids in the body and is required for optimal performance. Training can sometimes deplete your own natural stores, leaving very little for muscle recovery. Glutamine is also well known for its ability to prevent muscle breakdown.

The other is…Creatine

Creatine is naturally found stored in the muscles, but again training hard depletes your stores leaving it short for repairing muscle tissue. Creating is also great for improving both the volume and strength of muscle tissues.   

Some interesting facts, which have shown that you will build more muscle and recover quicker, if you take a protein/carbohydrate supplement within 30 minutes of finishing your training.  When you train hard the body starts to repair the trained muscle from the moment you do your first rep.

During this time a single is sent to your brain demanding more proteins to help repair the damaged muscle.  In fact you can take in as much protein as you like as the body will use it ALL and wont store any as fat.

Remember, weights are only tools that help to breakdown muscle tissue, it’s when you are at rest that muscles can repair and grow…you don’t grow in the gym!

When you begin to train you have a fixed level of hormones flowing through your body. After about an hour of INTENSE training your testosterone levels have dropped significantly.

In terms of body parts, stick to training each body part only once a week for 45 minutes, this is not hard providing you train right.

Break this rule and you won’t…Grow!



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