Bars And Weights Are JUST TOOLS For

Braking-down Muscle Tissues They Don’t Build Muscle.


The Pump Should be The Most Singular Important Objective in Your Workout to Force Muscle Growth!

It realy doesn’t matter who’s routine you follow, or whether you do high reps with low weights, or low reps with high weights, super-setting, drop sets, or volume training, everyone who enters any gym anywhere in the world, as one thing in common…they ‘All’ pump up their muscles!!

Does the routine count or the Pump to encourage Muscle Growth

But ‘why’?

It’s very simple, because “Pumping-up you muscle(s) creates the perfect environment for muscle growth.

Now think about it for just one moment…when you train, your training forces blood into the muscle or muscle groups you are training, it does this for two reasons. First, your muscle requires oxygen and carbohydrates to burn and fuel it through its workout. Second, then it requires protein to repair the damage done through your training.  And you may be astonished to learn that muscle starts the repair procedure as soon as you start your first rep. Apart from proteins your muscles require hormones to repair and promote growth.

This perfect environment is produced when the muscle is pumped. It’s the only time when the right conditions exist and the muscles are full of all the right ingredients to promote growth, this is how ‘Exercises increase muscle size strength’!

Also, and very exciting too for the bodybuilder, when you train your muscles hard, using correct form and weight, and reaching what is known as the ‘burn’, this is lactic acid build-up in the muscle, its what’s left after the muscle burns glucose or sugars, your body responds by sending out a signal for the release of…‘Growth Hormones’ (GH). This signal is a response mechanism to the damage done to the muscle fibres to start repairing straight away.

It was only ever thought that GH was produced when you where in deep sleep, but the latest research from America as clearly shown intense training and the ‘burn’ also produces a response of GH too.  So Arnold was right when he said…no pain, no gain.

‘How’ to increase muscle size naturally

So you want ‘Powerful’ shoulders, ‘Cannonball’ like arms, a chest to ‘Die’ for, and a physique to ‘Turn’ heads… Then stop dreaming, because anyone with the right knowledge, know how, and is prepared to Work hard, can realize their dreams.

Some people, because of genetics, natural ability, strength, perfect body structure, leverage, and other factors, can use any routine and make gains, win championships and/or break records. But the average person must have a well planned out routine and use a little common sense, determination, self-believe to achieve their goals.

Again, I like to keep things as simple as possible… muscle is made up of thousands of tubular like fibres that run along the length of the muscle. When you exercise hard with heavy weights, the effort courses the fibres to breakdown. You can only breakdown so many fibres, it’s impossible to breakdown all the fibres in the muscle.

The body carries out repairs to these fibres, and when ‘fully’ repaired, the fibres become slightly thicker and stronger. The more fibres you breakdown, the quicker the muscle thickness will occur, and the stronger it will become.

As you can imagine the more fibres you can breakdown during your workout, the more growth you will obtain. Weight training is often referred to as resistance training, so make sure that you ‘Never’ allow your muscles to relax during your workout. This mains putting the Resistance back into your training, by working your muscles to failure, the harder you work them within a 3 set routine to failure the more fibres you can effect, any more and you could be ‘Overtraing them’!

But a word of warning, after breaking down your muscle fibres, you must rest that muscle group, for a full 7 days before training them again, because that’s ‘How’ long it takes for muscles to recover…unless you’re on steroids that is.

This is the way your body works you can’t get around it. However, if you don’t rest the muscles after exercise your body won’t have the time it needs to totally repair these fibres.  Should you train that muscle or muscle group before this rest period is up, you run the risk of disturbing the repair of the fibres, thus undoing all the hard work of your previous workout, in effect holding at that point in time. And if you are always re-training within this time schedule, your muscles will never get stronger or bigger…ever wondered why you don’t seem to grow?

There is tons of evidence ‘how’ that shows clearly that this is the ‘Easiest way increase muscle size’!

Remember to work your muscles to failure and … Rest is King”.



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