What You Need To Know About Weight Loss And Diets

Have you noticed the number of diet fads that have come and gone over the years ‘why’, because they simply don’t work?
There are a number of reasons why this has come about, finding the diet, boring, hard to stay the course, or feeling constantly hungry, for example.

Most if not all diets tend to concentrate on the diet itself, this is a fatal flaw, because they should be concentrating on the Dieters themselves, fitting the diet around their requirements, not the diets. Also, many diets tend to concentrate far too much on one aspect alone, neglecting to include the other vital facts that are necessary for the Dieter to become successful at losing weight.

They also fail, because they failed to take into consideration we are not all clones of one another, and therefore, there’s no such thing as ‘One diet fits all’. For example, Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph, are body types that require different diets and different exercise routines. Give an Endomorphs routine to the Ectomorph, and they will fail to lose weight, gain muscle, or advance in their exercise and diet routines.

And did you know that some people will never gain any real advantage from exercise? When running my gym, I noticed a number of people who exercised harder than the next guy, and yet despite all of their efforts they didn’t lose any significant amounts of weight. And then there’s the other guy who would come into the gym, exercise for five minutes and increased their fitness levels without too much effort on every visit. The reason this down to our genes, some people’s genes won’t respond to the stimulus, whereas others do.

Losing weight is a complex affair and you need to know all the facts so you can plan your own diet and succeed where the other diets failed. One in four adults diet in the UK, 13 million are on a permanent diet, and most diet to look good.

With half of the population dieting at any one time, and most dieters typically making from 4 to 5 attempts per year, it’s obvious that people need help.

I explain all the facts in clear, easy to understand, step-by-step instructions. Allowing you the ability to understand your body’s needs and from there developing your own super diet to fit those needs.

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The Truth About Weight Lose & Diets

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