The Importance of Supplements And Vitamins – My Book Review

Welcome to my third book on the subject of losing and maintaining your weight. My first and second book dealt with laying out the foundations of building a healthy lifestyle and the nuts and bolts of addressing your diet.

This book deals with the supplements and essential vitamins that will help you achieve your goals. Diets and exercise both place an enormous stress on our systems and can dramatically affect our levels of supplements, minerals, and vitamins in the body as we diet and train.

Supplements, minerals, and vitamins are essential to bodily functions without, which you can’t expect to reach any of your important goals to lose weight or build muscle. Apart from damaging any progress in you fitness expectations, other bodily functions will also become severally disrupted and impact your overall health.

This will have a rebound effect, the less well you feel the less effort, or concentration you are able to dedicate to your fat burning, or muscle building goals.

But we can’t all be laboratory nerds when it comes to supplements, even if you have some prior knowledge, the ever changing fitness and health environment makes it hard to keep up with new developments.

You should also be on your guard against the many ‘scams’ claiming to have your interests at heart and the perfect solution to your problem.

Myths are another gray area you want to avoid with all your vigour, the world of burning fat, diets and muscle building programs are full of misinformation and will only serve to steer you away from the truth and slow down any achievements for your desired goals.

What You Need To Know About Supplements

There is much to learn and understand when it comes to supplementation, this book ‘The Importance of Supplements And Vitamins’ will answer the most important questions on this subject…

For example, you will learn:

1. ‘How’ do supplements work?
2. ‘How’ can they help you in your fight to lose weight, increase muscle mass, and lead a healthier lifestyle?
3. ‘How’ to recognize a good supplement?
4. ‘What’ to look out for when choosing a supplement, you need to know about ‘Herbal extract’, ‘Dosage’, ‘Elemental Values’, etc
5. Watch out for the ‘Scams’, what to look out for so you don’t lose pounds from your pocket instead of your body?
6. What should a ‘Good’ supplement contain?
7. ‘How’ do Vitamins work?
8. ‘Which’ vitamins should you be taking?

And much, much, MORE!

Importance of Supplements & VitaminsUnless you are a lab ‘Geek’ you have no real way of knowing, which supplement you should be taking, if it’s a genuine supplement, what’s in a supplement (long, unknown names), will it ever deliver on its promises, or if you are paying over the odds.

‘THE IMPORTANCE OF SUPPLEMENTS AND VITAMINS’, will help to guide you step-by-step, through this minefield of misinformation, scams, or simply wasting your money…

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