‘How’ to Look After Your Muscles And Skin

What you should eat and drink for healthy muscles and skin

For a Start Stay Away From Sugar for good healthy muscles and skin 

‘Muscle’ requires sugars in the form of carbohydrates (sugars), but not the processed type. Sugars tend to impact heavily on healthy muscle and your skin, upsetting the digestion systems of young people, which can lead to inflammatory skin problems such as ‘acne’, rashes and rosacea.

In older people, sugar changes the structure of collagen, a protein that is the building block of skin, making the skin age more rapidly. The collagen becomes less flexible and begins to shrink increasing the appearance of wrinkles.

Cut Back on Saturated Fat and Fried Foods

A high-fat diet can further contribute to the development of skin cancer, according to researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Over two years the study looked at 76 skin cancer patients, they had half follow their normal diet (approx 40% fat) while the other half implement a low-fat diet (around20% fat).

Over the pursuing months  researchers concluded that the low-fat dieters developed, on average, only three new precancerous lesions (called actinic keratoses), whilst the  higher-fat dieters developed an average of 10. So there seems to be a direct benefit to cutting down on the amount of saturated fat you consume…eat a lot more fish instead of red meat, and remove the skin from poultry.

The problem isn’t so much as in eating fatty foods, but more in their preparation. You see when you cook carbohydrates at high temperatures they release chemicals known as acrylamides, acrylamides are chemicals, which get created when grilling, frying, baking or roasting foods, also from over-processed foods, such as French fries and chips…the carcinogenic chemicals are the real culprits that do the harm.

It’s quite easy to cut back on these acrylamides, simply use poaching rather than grilling, eat boiled potatoes instead of fried.

Eat More Fruits Throughout Your Training Session and Take in More Vegetables at Your Meals

Your skin will benefit from eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables… especially, as Dr. Appleton points out, if you eat them instead of sugary and fried foods. For optimal skin health, plenty of nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals are a must, and a lack of A, B or C vitamins can lead to dry skin and rashes. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants, which can prevent the oxidation of free radicals that leads to inflammatory skin problems.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

It’s so important to drink plenty of water to help cleanse your body of toxins; the standard recommendation is eight glasses of water. Although no one can find any scientific reason for consuming this amount or who ever come up with this formula, never less a few glasses of water, supplementing with some other healthy liquids such as herbal teas or fresh juices daily, will device.

Drinking some fluids will help to flush out toxins out of the bowel, kidneys and liver, and just as important for a bodybuilder to remove the excess toxins built up during ‘Muscle’ training workouts; this in turn will help your recovery process.

It’s also an essential element of all metabolic processes; water helps to keep the body’s systems and organs performing at peak efficiency, and the skin supple and hydrated. Conversely, dehydrated skin is apt to be flaky and dry, but be warned, excess water intake can increase the need for extra salt…this is a bad thing for anyone who is trying to keep down water retention or those trying to lose weight.

The solution is to use your natural thirst as a barometer….it’s very important to drink a lot of water for both health skin and muscle growth… but don’t overdo it!!