Not All Muscles are ‘Equal’ What You Need to Know! 

Man Training his Calf Muscles

Experience is no match for not knowing ‘Why’ all muscles are not equal

Most inexperience and experienced weight trainers seem to have a difficult time understanding that ‘Not all muscles in your body are equal’ and they could be jeopardizing any ‘Increase in Their Muscle Size‘.  You see your calf’s, abs, and forearm muscles for example, are built for endurance. And yet I see them training them for strength?

Your bicep muscle must be trained differently to your triceps.  Your legs and traps can handle enormous loads.  And your back and shoulders are involved in almost all weight training movements. 

So if you treat every muscle in the same way then you can’t expect the same result…disappointment!  

To understand this concept a little better let’s take a closer look the calf’s. For example, the calf muscles can still help a 15-stone overweight person to walk, even up-stairs, although they have never done a ounce of training. And just think of the strain that’s placed on their big toe and its connection to the calf.

The calf is capable of getting you through a marathon, or climbing Mount Everest… can you see your bicep doing that?

And your calf’s, abs, and forearm muscles are used every day when at home or at work. Your triceps can help you do 100s to 1000s of push-ups, when your back would give up after a few chin-ups.

Some muscles need to be pushed with heavy weights and low reps; whereas others need lighter weights and higher reps, others need to be trained very quickly with little to almost no rest in-between sets. 

You need to understand these differences and train the individual muscles accordingly or you run the risk of under or over training and jeopardizing your gains.

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