‘Why’ People Find it so Hard to Get Any real ‘Increase in Their Muscle Size’!


The Truth About Building Muscle Mass

Why’ is it that for some people who go to the gym they end up failing to reach any of their goals or simply end-up give-up, never to reach any real true ‘Muscle mass’!

There are a number of problems that need to be tackled if you are ever going to reach your maximum potential in or out of the gym…some are well known and other’s are not. Let’s take a closer examination and route out the main causes:

Confusion is undoubtedly the main reason why people have a hard time reaching their main goals.

So ‘what’ do people become confused over…

  • ‘How’ or ‘What’ diet(s) to use
  • ‘How’ and ‘When’ to train
  • ‘What’ or ‘Which’ supplements to use
  • And above all ‘What’ nutrition and diet programs to use
  • And much much more…

These are just a few things people confess they can’t get to grips with…‘Why’. Because there is just too much information out there and people tend to input way too much, even when they have no idea as to whether or not it’s credible info or some myth being passed around…we call this behaviour…“Information overload”. And secondly, Information overload leads too information ‘Confliction’ what I call…“Information confusion”.

It doesn’t matter How you are trying to achieve an increase in muscle mass in the gym

Whether it’s through bodybuilding, weight lose, getting fit, or diets, it is however, very important to understand that each one of these disciplines is a…science. And a science that’s taken blood, sweat and tears to perfect.

If you want to see results then you must learn the science behind each discipline or you are going to fail. There are a key number of disciplines you must get to learn regardless of your goals and they are…training, nutrition, diets, and supplements.

Unfortunately, over the years the above disciplines have been misused, spammed, or downright over exaggerated by those who look to exploit those who unfortunately don’t know any better. And the reason for this is very simple; people are convinced that the only way forward must be through some new idea or advancement made in training method or supplement…and the marketers love to advertise and manipulate this fact to sell more services or products.

But unfortunately, the truth lies somewhere between the past and the future. So ‘How’ are you going to dig out the real truth behind all the myths that surrounds and permeates throughout gyms today.

There are two things you can do right ‘Now’ to dramatically improve your chances of reaching your goals…

First you must STOP listening to those who have no more experience or achievement in their training than yourself. Over the years I have seen with my own eyes, how people are misinform or bullied into training in the wrong way by people who have clearly gained very little muscle definition, or ‘Muscle mass’ gains, through their own training…the blind leading the blind!

And if you are new to the gym then please STOP reading these bodybuilding magazines, they are full of crap and advertisements that target those who are willing to put their hands into their pockets to buy their dreams. ‘Yes’ you read that right and I bet you didn’t know that most of the advertised products in these magazines are indeed owned by the magazine?

It use to amaze me when people come into my gym, excited, because they were about to do the same routine as some top level bodybuilder they read about in some magazine.

But, following any training routines from these magazines will lead you absolutely nowhere…’Why’! Well these magazines entice a top or up and coming bodybuilders with high potential earnings and sponsorship. Then they get them do a working exercise and take a bunch of photos, these routines are made up from the editor or writer of the article.

Then they tell you, the reader, that it’s that particular bodybuilder’s favourite routine, which it’s not, and go on to explain how to execute the exercise.

But very often people are left with more questions than answers and the magazine promises to reveal the answers in the next issue.

Let me give you an example of a typical scenario of what I mean. A magazine carries an article describing the believe that in order to increase muscle mass, let’s say the Bicep, you need to do 3 sets of ‘z-bar’ curls and the last set should be done with the heaviest weight you can handle.

On the surface that looks like great advice, but what is meant by the ‘Heaviest’ weights. I mean ‘how’ do you know what your heaviest weight is, one rep…they never tell you, ‘Why’? Because, it keeps you coming back looking for the answer.

OK, I’ll put you out of your misery. Your heaviest weight is the weight you struggle 110% to complete 6 reps with, and I mean, you only just reach the 6th rep and you can’t do one more rep even if your life depended on it…7 reps would be to light and 5 reps would be too heavy.

But the important part is this, the magazines get another opportunity to sell and market their products to you. They use top level bodybuilders and well know models to sell you on their training routines, I guarantee these guys don’t use them, I know I’ve had conversations with them and asked them straight out.

Many don’t even do some of the routines they are ascribed too, for example, I know guys that never use machines only free weights, but the magazines Cleary shows them using cables…do I have to say any more!

Come on boys and girls, these people are built like s*it-house brick walls, with at least 15 years of training, experience, sponsorship, and drugs behind them…do you really think that the routines they describe would work for you?

‘Now’ through this website and my help, you get to start over again and this time you will learn the science behind these strategies…then you can start to slowly gain ground. Every muscle or keep fit journey has to start with one rep, but the important thing is to go in the right direction to begin with.

Stop wasting time, effort and start realizing your dreams. You will find many articles, help, tips, and videos on the subject of ‘How to build muscle size’ on this website, based on grounded facts, experience and knowledge. I have been where you are and I have worn the ‘T’ shirt and now it your turn to have your day.

To read more outspoken and controversial advice, please come back again, I’m continually updating and adding new material to help you reach your goals.

I can tell you this right now…when you reach your goals and you are walking the walk, there’s no better feeling in this world.

Remember this “You don’t have to put up with the rest, when you can have the…best

I hope you find your dream, train hard and right…enjoy!

This website ‘IncreaseMuscleSize.net is your one stop work shop, a website designed for those looking to train for success, gain muscle, lose weight, increase strength, get fit or want to know about competition diets and supplements!


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