Steve Reeves Was One of The Biggest Bodybuilder of His Day!

Steve Reeves The Greatest Bodybuilder



Steve Reeves was the first real big bodybuilder I had ever seen and my childhood hero, he influenced me, and I guess thousands others decision to go to the gym, he was without doubt the best all-round bodybuilder ever…what a waist-line!

A Brief History of Steve Reeves

Born January 21, 1926 in Glasgow, Montana, Steve Reeves moved to California at age 10 with his mother Goldie Reeves, after his father Lester Dell Reeves died in a farming accident. Reeves developed an interest in bodybuilding in high school after meeting his friend Joe…who both trained in Joe’s small garage gym.

It was during this time that Steve learned about the noted bodybuilder and trainer Ed Yarick’s, Steve decided that to advance further he had to train at Ed Yarick’s gym, in Oakland.

By the time Steve was 17 and in the days before bodybuilding was well known, Steve had already developed a formidable physique. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Army during World War II, and served in the Pacific, and saw action.

Steve started his acting career with his first film back in 1949 in a made for TV film…’Kimbar of the Jungle’ and went on to make over 21 films throughout his career.

For more information about Steve Reeves life go to the Steve Reeves International Society’

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