It Helps to Know What Body Type You Are ‘STOP’ Wasting Your Time!


Do You Know Your Body Type ‘Why’ is It Important 


Because if you are to become successful in ‘Building muscle’, reaching your pinnacle of fitness or simply lose weight, you need to learn how to structure your training for maximum results, and can only achieve that if  you know your ‘Body type and ‘How’ to train it.

The same goes if you’re training with a partner, because in many cases people have no idea as to their partner’s body type.  So what if they are a different body type would it be a waste of time training with them, well yes and no. Yes if you have no idea what their body type was and no if you do.

For example, if you know they were a long distant runner and you were a sprinter, then you wouldn’t train together.

But having said that it’s not impossible to train with a different body type to you, because there’s no reason why you can’t do your own thing, a training partner is there to help and support you, not do your training for you.

Last but not least, you could be eating the wrong diet for your body type. That would be catastrophe if you are trying to increase muscle size or lose weight. 

What Body Type are you…


Mesomorph are usually referenced as the ‘Gifted ones’, because these body types are genetically predisposed to great musculature gains, and usually very athletic looking. They have a tough, muscular physic, which is symmetric and a good posture. For a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, this is good news! Mesomorphs are said to build muscle mass faster than most people can and to be able to lose fat rapidly when on the right diet!

Their Training…

It’s said that the best type of training can be achieved through heavy weight, performed explosively, with great force output, and intensity. Super-sets, Compound-sets, and giants-sets, are useful here as they can produce significant gains. Always allow proper recovery, rest, and variety, as this style of workouts can easily lead to over training!

Cardiovascular exercises should be done 2-3 times a week for about 20-30 min’s per session. Intensity wise, moderate to high for fat burning purposes. Don’t go overboard, as it is believed that Mesomorph could lose lean mass if cardio is too long or frequent!


Protein is the key, so be sure to get quality protein daily along with moderate amount of carb’s, preferably low glycemic ones and fat. Ideally, a Mesomorph should avoid weight fluctuation in order to gain or retain mass. Adopting a diet that is rich in nutritious and ‘clean’ food will help you to keep your appetite and energy level stable (satisfied) too avoid cravings.


This particular body type is generally predisposed to a higher % of body fat. Known to have a ‘soft look’, it is harder for them to trim and tone through exercises and diet. The good news is that Endomorph bone structure is wide and strong. This can be a bonus for your bodybuilding endeavour.

Their Training…

When choosing a type of workout, Endomorph should focus on enhancing their metabolism. Circuit training, Supersets, Compound-sets, or other similar routines, are beneficial. It is not recommended to use such heavy weights that will limit the total amount of reps to be performed. Repetition in the range of 10-15 is best. Shorter rests, about 30-60 sec max between sets are suitable to stay within your target heart rate.

Since Endomorph are said to be prone to carry extra body fat, cardiovascular training must be present and regular. If you have not train for a while, start off easy. The use of a heart rate monitor might come very handy for you here. It will allow you to keep within your target heart rate range in order to maximize fat loss.

To find your target range, take 220 minus (-) your age, and multiply (x) the result by the percentage % of exertion you aim at working out at. 30-40 minutes should also be added to include warm up and cool down session would be suitable.


We all need to eat frequent yet complete smaller meal rather than 3 square meals a day. Endomorphs are no exception to the rule! In fact, they benefit greatly from it as it is said to enhance their metabolism and keep their energy level more stable. Be sure to eat at least 5-6 meals per day. Meal replacement shakes and bars might help if you are on the go, but don’t forget to consume ‘real’ food as well.


They are ‘Hard gainers’, in other words long leg or arms, with a low % of body fat and small muscles. While some women wouldn’t find it to be a problem to have some of the characteristics of this body type, men will probably see it in a different way!

Their Training…

If you are an Ectomorph, you probably will benefit the most if you train with heavy weights. You will want to stimulate your muscles ‘deeply’ in order to have the training response you want to increase your muscle mass and exercises using barbells and dumbbells, will greatly help to achieve this. They allow you to use full range of motion and are said to be best at mimicking natural human body movement. By taking longer rests between sets (2-3 min), you can replenish your ATP level and lift intensively again.

Performing such workouts using heavy weight taxes your body, therefore, you will need to make sure you are resting and recovering, fully between sessions.

Ectomorph’s usually have a faster metabolism and burn their calories more rapidly, so don’t be too concern about cardiovascular training for now. Unless you wish, or have to do cardio for personal reasons, you should initially concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass through your weight training.


Remember that your nutrition is at least 70-75 % of your overall training results! So even if you are naturally thin you need to eat complete, frequent, and healthy meals/snacks. Always supplement with daily multi vitamins. There are other aids that can benefit you as well, things like amino acids, protein shakes, which will help provide you with an integrated approach to training and are yours to discover!

Now you have no excuses, you now know your body type, adjust your training to suit your body type. If your partner is of a different body type to you then discuss your training with them. Whatever the outcome remember that if your training isn’t geared to your body type then progress with be painfully slow… if any at all.



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