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5 Steps to Increasing Your Muscle Mass

How-to Increase Muscle Mass

How-to Increase Muscle Mass, is not for the faint hearted, it requires grit, determination, courage, and knowledge. The 5 steps to increase your muscle mass below will help considerably towards this task. They are by no means the only steps that one could take to increase your muscle mass and there will be more to follow these 5, however, it’s an important start and one you should implement as soon as possible…

Step 1 – Provision of Calories

Doubble Front Bicep Poss

Double Front Bicep Poss

The most effective way to get bigger is a strategy combining exercise and good nutrition. It’s vital to pay attention to both halves of this formula. If you’re completing the correct exercise, but not eating adequate calories, you’ll find it impossible to increase muscle mass or strength significantly.

The key is eating regular meals (every 2 – 3 hours) and increase daily calories to 500 above your weight maintenance figure. Try to consume the high quality protein and calories you need throughout the day.


Step 2 – Protein Quality Over Quantity 

Increase Your Protein intake

A lack of quality protein will result in loss of muscle tissue and tone, a weaker immune system, slower recovery, and lack of energy. If your goal is to put on muscle while maintaining definition and tone, extra protein from high quality sources is a MUST. Meal replacement performance products such as Reflex, Pro-Mass, all contain whey protein to satisfy your body’s requirements. These products should not be your only protein source, but should complement the proteins in your diet such as fish and lean meats.


Step 3 – Overcompensation & Eliciting a Training Effect

woman doing dubble front bicep poss

Double front bicep poss

When you exert your muscles, especially during high intensity resistance training, your muscle fibres are naturally broken down. Your body overcompensates for this, so you are able to do the same amount of exercise with less effort next time. This is known as the ‘training effect’. As you train your strength increases, thanks to an increase in muscle size and increased stimulation of muscle fibres. Products like Creatine, Pro-Male will allow you to train more intensely, for example, enabling you to increase the weights you are lifting in the gym or squeezing out a few extra reps.


Step 4 – Help to Prevent Muscle Breakdown


Muscle fibres



Our bodies are in a constant state of building, repairing, and breaking down cells. By helping to prevent muscle breakdown after training, you can support your muscle and strength goals further. Formulas such as HMB can help to do this. Add them to a sensible diet and training regime, for best results.


Step 5 – Introduce Additional Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals to Aid Your Results

Supplements and Bodybuilding 2Herbal and amino acid formulas are popular for accelerating muscle gains. It is also important to make sure you are getting your full complement of vitamins and minerals. Immune Support and ZMA can all be used to support the vitamin and mineral needs of the bodybuilder.

Making wise choices with supplements and foods is one key towards success. The following herbs, spices or foods should be avoided in your quest to develop the perfect physique, soy, soy milk, soy protein powders, licorice, red clover, dong quai, damiana, black cohosh, verbana, motherwort, thyme, oregano, tumeric, hops – sorry guys, but beer lowers your testosterone levels, while having the opposite effects in females, bloodroot, mandrake, pennyroyal, yucca and mistletoe.

It seems like a no-brainer, if you want to maximize the testosterone and anabolic hormonal response to weight training, avoiding or minimizing the amount of estrogenic herbs, spices and foods that you eat, you should be eating organically and smartly. If you want to ensure that you are helping tilt your body to fight off estrogenic items in the environment, you should consider using dietary supplements. And perhaps overall health can ever only be obtained through eating meats and dairy items that come from farms or facilities that do not use hormones in their rearing of the animals.

Step 6 – Understanding Carbohydrate and Proteins

If you are toPotato_galettes_with_quail_eggs grow healthy, fit, or increase muscle size then you must understand what ‘Carbohydrate and Proteins’ are ALL about.

Let’s take a look at carbohydrates and proteins in this very simple to understand way.  Carbohydrate is the petrol you put in your car to power the engine, and proteins are like the mechanic who services, repairs, and fits new parts to your car.

Without carbohydrates you won’t have the required energy to breakdown muscle fibres during your workout, and without the necessary amount of protein, your body would find it hard to repair muscle fibres. In fact, it will cannibalize it from other muscles, shrinking, and inhibiting their growth in the process. You need to also understand one very important factor about cannibalized proteins from muscles, it will not aid in cell growth, understand your body will not use this protein to increase ‘MUSCLE VOLUME’.


Keep coming back, because there are more Steps coming later…




6 Ways to Increase Chest Muscle Growth And Prevent Injury

Bench Press Image

Over my 50-years in the Bodybuilding and fitness game, there has been one question that stands out from all the other questions I’m asked almost every day, it stands head and shoulders above all the others, and that’s… “How much weight can you bench press”. As a bodybuilder you shouldn’t get involved in this debate, because we are trying to build muscle mass and NOT strength.

But there is a debate to be had over using the correct technique and, which method, bar, dumbbells, wide grip, for example, one should or shouldn’t use. More important than that, there is a far wider debate to be had around ‘Why’ the bench press may possibly be one of the most prolific exercises to cause…INJURY?

‘Why‘ ham I writing about this, simple, I have had a tendon injury that was caused by the ‘Bench press’!

There’s no doubt about it, bad technique has a lot to do with injuries, but it goes way beyond just bad technique, it’s more to do with… PUSHING FAR TOO MUCH WEIGHT!

There are many different courses and types of injuries, far too many to give them any justice hear, so I will attempt to give you an overview, in the hope you will take this information aboard and decrease any possibility of you becoming injured yourself.

First off and unfortunately, the one method that’s causes the most injuries, is the one we all tend to do when starting at the gym, and that’s the flat bench press. This is, because the flat bench over isolates the Pectoral Minor and becomes ‘Overdeveloped’.

This over-development, can course an imbalance, which becomes more acute the longer you train without correcting the problem. This imbalance puts stress on muscles, tendons, and joints. These soft tissues where never meant to operate under these conditions and eventually may fail!

It’s further compounded when people insist on either lifting to heavier a weight, or become frustrated with their lack of progress and start to train their chest more than once a week.

Secondly, people rely on their training partners far too much? They also engage in the game of ‘You can lift it, I’ll lift more’. A partner is there for encouragement and safety. Competition is a good thing, but NOT inside the gym, it can lead to someone getting injured… Ego should always be left at the gym door before entering!

I’ve seen this happening a thousand times in the gym, I have even had training partners that go way  beyond encouragement, almost demanding you do more weight than you can handle. Also, even the best spotter in the world can’t grab the weight off you, until it’s too late. You fail to control your lift and in that millisecond, before your spotter can help, you have incurred an injury.

Ask yourself this one question, how often in the gym have you witnessed someone who has just finished their bench press, get up off the bench pulling their shoulders back, giving them a good stretch, well the chances are, they have incurred a ‘Micro-tear’, probably through pressing to heavy weight.

If you continue to incur micro-tears, they will become chronic in time, stopping your training for weeks, months, or may be for good. Types of injuries can range from, shoulder, small bicep tendon tears, to upper and lower Pectoral muscle separation.

Chest-Shoulder Muscle-Diagram

So ‘How’ can we avoid these injuries

  1. Warm-up. To most this would seem to be a no-brainier, but you would be surprised just how many people don’t, and go straight into their bench press routine. I believe this as something to do with the idea that, because you start off with a low weight, then it’s OK to dive straight in. But this is unfortunately, untrue, especially on a cold winter’s day. You should always warm-up your Pecs, because this helps to flood the area with blood and pre-stress the soft tissue such as the tendons and ligaments. I prefer to use dumbbells for this process. Also, in order to get the range of movement we have in our shoulder, nature had to give-up some stability, which leaves our shoulder join open to damage.
  2. Proper Technique. Technique not only helps to prevent injuries, but it helps to increase strength and muscle mass. It’s important never to catch your muscles out with jerky or, stop and go movements, try the keep your movement as smooth as possible. Your movement should also be delivered in a slow, controlled manner. When lowering the bar down, make the movement positive and slow, pursing at the bottom, just touching your chest, NOT bouncing off, and then accelerate the bar back to the top, try not to lock out your arms, this will keep the stress on the Pecs, helping to penetrate deeper into the muscle fibres.
  3. Use a Slightly Closer Grip. Something in-between a standard and close grip, this stops the chest from opening so wide, preventing possible damage, but still activating the muscle enough to trigger development.
  4. Try Lowering to The Clavicle. Most people will lower the bar down to their Solar-plexus before returning it back to the top of the movement. This puts a lot of stress on your shoulder muscles, apart from the joint; it affects the Deltoid muscles and the tendons that run from the centre of the Clavicle to the head of the small bicep muscle. So instead, try lowering the bar to the centre of the Clavicle where it joins the Sternum, you won’t be able to lift as much weight, but boy-oh-boy will it work your Pecs.
  5. And ‘Why’ Not Try Giving The Dumbbells a Go. They are much easier on the shoulder muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the joint. This is, because unlike the bar that restricts side lateral motion, the dumbbells don’t. This is a more natural movement, giving your Pec muscles more stretch, helping to breakdown more fibres, leading to more muscle growth and less injuries. Also, when using the dumbbells, the weaker-side has to work harder and can’t rely on the stronger muscle to compensate, helping to increase muscle growth and strength.
  6. What Is a Maximum Weight to Bench Press. A good question, people really don’t know ‘How’ to work out their heaviest weight to press. Put simply, your heaviest weight would be the weight that makes you work to failure on your 6th rep. Do 5 reps and it’s too heavy, do 7 reps and it’s to light. But remember it has to be to failure on your 6th rep, if you feel that you could have done another rep, then you didn’t work to failure and you won’t get the full benefit of growth and strength.


After damaging my tendon doing bench press, not even pressing my maximum weight on the bar, I realized that there was the potential for others to do the same, In fact, over the 50-years I’ve been involved with bodybuilding, running my own gym, I have seen many injuries that could have been prevented, Just by having a little more understanding of the mechanism involved when bench pressing.  ‘How’ this movement, plus the shoulder joint lower stability, can stress the muscles, tendons, and joints, to the point of failure, and ‘Why’ it’s so crucial to use good technique and weights appropriate to you.

I hope that the above information presented here today, will help to prompt you into thinking about the potential injury you could sustain when bench pressing. I sincerely hope it will compel you to taking some action to help prevent any possible injuries to yourself.

Remember that an injury may prevent you from training for months, even forcing you to give-up? So ask yourself this question… “Is it really worth it”.

Strength and development comes through practicing good form over a consistent length of time.

By JudgeJ

I have written a book on ‘Building a Powerful Physique’, for more information click this link: Build a Powerful Phy


The Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips

10 Bodybuilding Tips For Men – You Will Want To Know

[youtube id=”73VTW_Gx0-g” align=”center” mode=”normal” aspect_ratio=”4:3″]

If you would prefer to watch a auto of the script below, watch this video…

Building muscle is like taking a long road trip. You wouldn’t contemplate taking on that journey without first planning the route, well yes, you have guessed it, building any real body mass takes planning to and you can’t do that without first studying a map first.

Set out below is your map, ‘The Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips’, study them and get to know them well and then you will be able to set out your plan to success.

1. Write out your goals, your plans…

Planning of things to do

‘What exactly do you want to achieve’, ‘How are you going to achieve them’, ‘How long to achieve each step – 6months, a year, two years’. Plan your exercise routines, your diet, and your supplements. Make sure you write down each training routine and the length of time you applied it, you will want to read notes on routines that worked for you over the years…don’t rely or miss out, because you can’t remember.
Remember, there is a lot of truth in planning your way forward there are two ways a) one is plan to succeed 2) the other is fail to plan and you will be planning to fail.

2. You will need to balance out your workouts…

balance out your workouts

Dumbbells, straight bars, machines, etc, these are tools you use to stimulate muscle growth…you don’t grow in the gym. You see rest is more important than lifting weights ‘Why’, because muscle only grows when it is totally and fully repaired, and rest is the only time that this is going to happen. You also require sleep, because when you are in deep sleep the body releases Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The correct balance of proteins, fats, and carb’s are essential too, as is eating small meals throughout the day.

3. Don’t over-train… it’s the killer of muscle growth…

Man liying down

If you are spending more than an hour in the gym training then you have already over-trained.
Make absolutely sure that you DON’T train your muscle groups more than once a week…
In other words if you train say back and Biceps on Monday you don’t train them again until next Monday. The same applies to the other days of the week. Everyone recovers at different rates and you can’t know when the muscles are totally repaired so to be on the safe side you need to wait 7 days then train that muscle croup again…this is so important and is responsible for over 98% of people in the gym today gaining none, if any…progress.

4. Use progression in all your training routines…

Gymnas working hard

It’s no good picking up the same weight you were using 6 months ago and wondering ‘Why’ it is your not making any gains. You must strive to increase if only by a small amount or your body will adapt and you will be wasting your time in the gym. Things you can try…a) use more weight b) decrease the time it takes to do the exercise c) even decrease the time in-between sets b) ideally you should be doing around 3 different exercises for each muscle groups, but you should know 4. In this way each week you can remove one and replace it with another, rotating them every week.

5. Stop This Obsession With Heavy Weights…

Man straining to lift a bar

Heavyweight inhibits you from doing many reps; this in turn will hinder your ability to totally fatigue your muscles. You need to take the muscle to the point when it becomes impossible for you to do another positive rep… That’s the contract should of the muscle not it’s lengthening. ‘Yes’ constantly using heavy weights will make you a lot stronger, but you can’t have both… Not without steroids anyway! Increase Your Muscle Through Power-Lifting and not bodybuilding!
It’s all very simple… Training that = Total Fatigue = Muscle Growth!

6. The Mind, Muscle Connection…

Man shoulder pressing dumbbles

This one is so important, because if you ignore this you’ll never reach your full potential. During training you need to picture, feel, and concentrate solely on the muscle you are training. You MUST isolate the muscle you are training with your mind from all the other surrounding muscle, tendons and joints. For example, let’s say you are doing dips, if you become aware of the stress being placed on your triceps, as they begin to fail, you will have lost all the tension you started out with on the Pecs (Pectoralis Major Muscles)…wasting that set. Instead keep ALL of your attention on your Pecs, placing tension, tension, and more tension through these muscles using your mind. This alone, if done correctly, will take your muscle workout to a whole new level.

7. Do the Correct Movement …

Do the Correct Movement

If there is one thing that keeps 98% of people training for muscle mass from their goals it as to be this one. I see people just wasting their time, going through the motions in the gym, because they believe that all one as to do is pick a weight up and you will grow…nothing could be further from the truth.
If there is one singular, most important and crucial lesson you can take away from all the other tips I’ve mentioned above, it must be this one…you must learn the correct way to do the Correct Movement with weights or machines.

8. Don’t put on lots of the wrong type of body weight…

the wrong type of body weight

I hear people talking about bulking-up and how they should put on body-weight by eating all that they can cram down their throats, wrong, wrong…WRONG!
Unless you have the perfect genes that allows you to eat and only put on muscle without body fat then stay away from this advice, it will jeopardize and wipe out any muscle mass you may have gained.
You need to understand that when you diet your body will cannibalize muscle to get energy, fat cells won’t give up their stored energy until it as no choice, this is a biological fact. So the end result of putting on and storing all that extra body fat in an attempt to gain muscle size is…muscle loss the very thing you worked so hard to gain…gain muscle mass not fat mass!

9. Increase Your Protein intake…

Increase Your Protein intake

You’ll want to eat just over a gram of protein per day per pound of lean body mass. It is a no brainer, muscle requires protein to repair muscle breakdown and as a bodybuilder you are continually braking down muscle fibres. Therefore, a bodybuilder will require more protein than the average man in the street. Make sure that you give your muscles all the proteins it requires to repair the muscle you trained and not only for a day or two, but throughout the rest of your training days.

10. Drink enough water during training so as NOT not to become dehydrate…

Glass of Cool Water

Water is crucial for cell function, but you shouldn’t over drink, because too much water as the opposite effect. No one has been able to discover how much water you should consume per day, no one has been able to find out anyone who has ever done any significant research on this matter. There is however, a simple way to define if you need to increase your fluid intake and that’s to simply take notice of when your body is telling you when you are becoming dehydrated… If you feel thirsty, then you are… ‘Dehydrated’!

I would recommend that you sip at some water during your training and tried to endeavour not to allow yourself to become thirsty. Tip, if you are trying to lose weight then drink water at room temperature, because drinking water from the fridge will slow down your metabolism decreasing your chances of burning off fat. Of course, the opposite is true, if your aim is to increase muscle size and you have a low body fat content, then drink the water as cold as possible.

There are other bodybuilding processes you need to understand and employ, but these will lay down a firm foundation for you to be getting on with. Please take notice of these points, because they are really critical for the long term success of both building and keeping that new found muscle mass!

Train hard, eat lots of pizza, grow strong and big…john!

Want more information and/or bodybuilding tips then click and visit this link:


Developing Forearm And Pinch Grip

 The Benefits Of Forearm And Pinch Grip Training

Below is an interesting article about working on your pinch grip, which is something that bodybuilders, or anyone who trains with weights, never gives any attention too.
But you should?
Forearm strength is something that to a certain extent is worked on during your weight training by gripping the bar, but this is very limiting and you should think about training, building, your forearm muscles, because forearm strength will dictate the amount of work you can do with heavy weights.
In other words, if your forearm muscles are not capable of working with the weights required to fully work the muscle groups you’re trying to target, then you simply cannot give that muscle group the workout required to create muscle growth.
Too many bodybuilders and weight trainers, neglect building forearm strength at their peril… It will eventually hold you back.
I believe that the following article will give you an insight as to why your grip is important, and why you should consider following a good forearm and a group training schedule.

Muscle Building: Powerful Ways To Increase Your Grip Pinch Strength

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I hope you found the above article interesting, and now understand the importance of creating a good forearm and pinch grip routine.

It’s important to understand that if you neglect your forearm strength, it will impact upon your training, muscle growth, and development in the future.



How to Increase Muscle Size!

‘Why’ People Find it so Hard to Get Any real ‘Increase in Their Muscle Size’!


The Truth About Building Muscle Mass

Why’ is it that for some people who go to the gym they end up failing to reach any of their goals or simply end-up give-up, never to reach any real true ‘Muscle mass’!

There are a number of problems that need to be tackled if you are ever going to reach your maximum potential in or out of the gym…some are well known and other’s are not. Let’s take a closer examination and route out the main causes:

Confusion is undoubtedly the main reason why people have a hard time reaching their main goals.

So ‘what’ do people become confused over…

  • ‘How’ or ‘What’ diet(s) to use
  • ‘How’ and ‘When’ to train
  • ‘What’ or ‘Which’ supplements to use
  • And above all ‘What’ nutrition and diet programs to use
  • And much much more…

These are just a few things people confess they can’t get to grips with…‘Why’. Because there is just too much information out there and people tend to input way too much, even when they have no idea as to whether or not it’s credible info or some myth being passed around…we call this behaviour…“Information overload”. And secondly, Information overload leads too information ‘Confliction’ what I call…“Information confusion”.

It doesn’t matter How you are trying to achieve an increase in muscle mass in the gym

Whether it’s through bodybuilding, weight lose, getting fit, or diets, it is however, very important to understand that each one of these disciplines is a…science. And a science that’s taken blood, sweat and tears to perfect.

If you want to see results then you must learn the science behind each discipline or you are going to fail. There are a key number of disciplines you must get to learn regardless of your goals and they are…training, nutrition, diets, and supplements.

Unfortunately, over the years the above disciplines have been misused, spammed, or downright over exaggerated by those who look to exploit those who unfortunately don’t know any better. And the reason for this is very simple; people are convinced that the only way forward must be through some new idea or advancement made in training method or supplement…and the marketers love to advertise and manipulate this fact to sell more services or products.

But unfortunately, the truth lies somewhere between the past and the future. So ‘How’ are you going to dig out the real truth behind all the myths that surrounds and permeates throughout gyms today.

There are two things you can do right ‘Now’ to dramatically improve your chances of reaching your goals…

First you must STOP listening to those who have no more experience or achievement in their training than yourself. Over the years I have seen with my own eyes, how people are misinform or bullied into training in the wrong way by people who have clearly gained very little muscle definition, or ‘Muscle mass’ gains, through their own training…the blind leading the blind!

And if you are new to the gym then please STOP reading these bodybuilding magazines, they are full of crap and advertisements that target those who are willing to put their hands into their pockets to buy their dreams. ‘Yes’ you read that right and I bet you didn’t know that most of the advertised products in these magazines are indeed owned by the magazine?

It use to amaze me when people come into my gym, excited, because they were about to do the same routine as some top level bodybuilder they read about in some magazine.

But, following any training routines from these magazines will lead you absolutely nowhere…’Why’! Well these magazines entice a top or up and coming bodybuilders with high potential earnings and sponsorship. Then they get them do a working exercise and take a bunch of photos, these routines are made up from the editor or writer of the article.

Then they tell you, the reader, that it’s that particular bodybuilder’s favourite routine, which it’s not, and go on to explain how to execute the exercise.

But very often people are left with more questions than answers and the magazine promises to reveal the answers in the next issue.

Let me give you an example of a typical scenario of what I mean. A magazine carries an article describing the believe that in order to increase muscle mass, let’s say the Bicep, you need to do 3 sets of ‘z-bar’ curls and the last set should be done with the heaviest weight you can handle.

On the surface that looks like great advice, but what is meant by the ‘Heaviest’ weights. I mean ‘how’ do you know what your heaviest weight is, one rep…they never tell you, ‘Why’? Because, it keeps you coming back looking for the answer.

OK, I’ll put you out of your misery. Your heaviest weight is the weight you struggle 110% to complete 6 reps with, and I mean, you only just reach the 6th rep and you can’t do one more rep even if your life depended on it…7 reps would be to light and 5 reps would be too heavy.

But the important part is this, the magazines get another opportunity to sell and market their products to you. They use top level bodybuilders and well know models to sell you on their training routines, I guarantee these guys don’t use them, I know I’ve had conversations with them and asked them straight out.

Many don’t even do some of the routines they are ascribed too, for example, I know guys that never use machines only free weights, but the magazines Cleary shows them using cables…do I have to say any more!

Come on boys and girls, these people are built like s*it-house brick walls, with at least 15 years of training, experience, sponsorship, and drugs behind them…do you really think that the routines they describe would work for you?

‘Now’ through this website and my help, you get to start over again and this time you will learn the science behind these strategies…then you can start to slowly gain ground. Every muscle or keep fit journey has to start with one rep, but the important thing is to go in the right direction to begin with.

Stop wasting time, effort and start realizing your dreams. You will find many articles, help, tips, and videos on the subject of ‘How to build muscle size’ on this website, based on grounded facts, experience and knowledge. I have been where you are and I have worn the ‘T’ shirt and now it your turn to have your day.

To read more outspoken and controversial advice, please come back again, I’m continually updating and adding new material to help you reach your goals.

I can tell you this right now…when you reach your goals and you are walking the walk, there’s no better feeling in this world.

Remember this “You don’t have to put up with the rest, when you can have the…best

I hope you find your dream, train hard and right…enjoy!

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