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‘Why’ Should I Exercise

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Exercise

man exercising in the gym

‘Why’ exercise is so important

Even in this highly educated, social media world, when people are barrage daily about Exercise‘,  many people still don’t follow any sort of exercise program. In order to remain healthy it’s important to take some form of exercise, ‘Why’, below, you’ll find several good reasons why you should start exercising now.

  1. Contributes to fat loss. It is well proven from the mass of scientific research, from all over the world that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. There is no escaping the facts, the body as developed over millions of years to consume calories for fuel, and if you burn more calories than you consume through nutrition, you will lose weight.
  2. Preventing disease. Studies have shown that exercise can help to moderate the onset of several numerous diseases. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes. 
  3. Improving disease. Many serious and minor diseases are improved through daily exercises, in some cases even healed. Research also supports that by following a regular exercise plan; you will also decrease, HDL, cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels, and decrease your blood pressure as well.
  4. Enhance your state of mind. Many scientific studies have concluded that during exercise we release endorphin’s in the body, these endorphin’s help to fight off depression making you feel happy. These endorphin’s are released into the body after just 12 minutes into your workout.
  5. Enhance your wellness. When we are in good shape and fighting fit, you will have more energy; this will make you feel more positive about yourself, changing your overall mood. During exercise you will find it a lot easier to stretch yourself beyond your own limits, realizing you can do more than you thought possible.
  6. Persistence. This one I teach daily to my students, because without remaining positive and persistent at anything you do, you will simply fail. Exercising regularly will empower you with more energy, helping you become more productive at home and at work.
  7. Social capabilities. Working out on a regular basis will help boost your self esteem; this will make you feel and look better, feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Exercise will also help you become more active, able to cope with meeting new people, which will prevent you from feeling isolated and unsupported. Exercise will also increase your sex drive, helping to improve your marriage or a partner’s relationship.


Man liying down

You can exercise at home, outdoors, or go join a gym. But the key here is ‘EXERCISE’, lying around 0r sitting all day, is a recipe for disaster. How you get that exercise, running, going to the gym, cardio exercise watching a DVD, walking, cycling, swimming, gardening, for example, doesn’t really matter, it’s getting some form of movement that counts. Take a little bit of time out of your daily life and start exercising, you’ll feel better than ever before, your body, family, and friends will thank you.

By Judge J

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Can Exercise Challenge Growing Older

Staying Young With Exercise

Exercise can help the older person to keep fit

Can Exercise or Remaining Active For Longer Really Help You Stay Young

As we grow older, there is more stress and health demands put upon the body. It’s not a time to ditch the health program or cut out any of your fitness routines either.

Unfortunately, as we get older, you need to also increase your exercise routines more than ever.

It’s important for you to keep your body physically fitter, for overall health and wellness. This will enable you to combat certain health problems better, which older people tend to suffer from as they grow older.

This is because; as your body ages your hormone (testosterone) levels start to dip. Joints and muscles, which may have been injured through micro tears, or direct injury, throughout your life, usually start to become chronic, even turning into arthritis.

Everyone, as different fitness levels, but with the right physical therapist or exercise routines, there’s no reason ‘Why’ you can’t stay ahead of the game and remain active throughout your later years.

As your physical body changes slowly over the advancing years, there comes a time when you suddenly realize that things aren’t what they were, understandably, many find this hard to acknowledge.

There’s nothing you can do to stop the aging process, but many unhealthy symptoms are very often self induced, which are reversible, and inevitable. But with the right attitude, understanding, and willingness, the older individual is beginning to understand the gravity of their situation, and most importantly, beginning to realize that they can overcome their aches and pains, stiffness of their joints or muscles, and looking older.

What makes someone look older before their time?

Affectionate older couple

Apart from developing wrinkles and silver hair, you may develop bad posture, instability or coordination with standing or walking, inflexibility, decreased strength, endurance, and weight gain.

These physical disabilities may creep up on you as you grow older, making you feel awful and looking a lot older. It’s important to maintain, as much activity throughout your 50s upwards. It’s through practicing and remaining active that will allow you to increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility levels.

Age is no barrier to remaining active, whether through exercise, hiking, cycling, swimming, or running, for example. There are no pills, potions, or creams to keep old age a bay, the secret to remaining young is to remain as ‘Active’ as possible, for as long as possible.

We can’t stop the process of becoming older, but we can do something about the physical health problems that creep up as time goes by. Activity and exercise will help to improve your balance, posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, and help to reduce your overall fat levels.

What does it take to remain active, healthy, and sexy looking… ‘Commitment’!

Not everyone benefits equally from exercise, but exercise will help to boost your immune system and prevent disease, such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity.

Exercise will also help to relieve stress levels, in-turn helping to prevent depression, and improve mental health generally, improving and even boosting your self-esteem. Exercise will also help to maintain healthy bone density, which as you know increases with age, generally known as ‘Osteoporosis’.

Activity also keeps insomnia at bay, research suggests that exercise may help to improve sleep patterns for most people. Insomnia is a devastating condition to suffer from, it’s slowly robs you of your health, because insomnia courses fatigue, which can be very debilitating.

All these conditions can age you very quickly, exercising and running a active lifestyle, definitely helps to hold back the aging process. If you have spent most of your life looking after yourself, well done, then it’s just a question of keeping on doing with what ever you are doing, and never allow yourself the luxury of slowing down or ever giving up.

If on the other hand you are thinking of starting out for the first time, then caution must be your watch word.

Start off very slowly, and include some of the activity’s mentioned above, or some very easy stretching and strengthening exercises.

Older people keeping fit to stay young

Remember you have nothing to prove to anyone, not even yourself.

You don’t need much in the way of equipment either; you can use ‘Thera-bands’ to start with. Thera-bands are flexible latex bands used to create resistance in physical therapy and light strength training.

Whatever your age is right now, don’t be put off by your physical health. But don’t sit around thinking about starting tomorrow, instead decide to start your training program today, and don’t miss the chance to stay fit in your golden years.

It is very enlightening to know that with a lifetime of dedication to a good physical fitness program that your life will invariably be lengthened, and definitely more enjoyable.

So to answer the original question, ‘Can Exercise Challenge Growing Older’, the simple answer is… yes it can.

With a healthy mind and body you can enjoy more of life, you can pluck and smell many more of the roses.


Exercise During Pregnancy

Should You Exercise During Your Pregnancy?

Pregnant Woman

Today almost everyone understands the need to exercise, because exercise is very good for your health. But does this stand true for those who are pregnant? There’s no doubt that exercise delivers many other benefits for anyone who trains hard.

The answer surprisingly turns out to be ‘Yes’.

But a word of warning, exercise should be light, especially during your first few weeks of pregnancy whilst your body adjusts to the many physical, hormonal levels, and mental changes, it’s going through during this stage.

Women that exercise with weights on a regular basis should tone down their workout regimens during pregnancy, because any type of heavy exercise can divert the blood flow from crucial areas.

Some gentler exercises for pregnant woman may be swimming, walking, and yoga, which are three of the more popular exercises followed by pregnant women today.

I’m not saying that weight training shouldn’t be done by women, just as long as it isn’t too strenuous. If you are training with weights then cut back a little, most professional trainers recommend exercising about 3 – 4 times a week, unless you have a medical condition that prevents it.

If however, you are ever in any doubt, as to whether you should be lifting weights, then consult your doctor or physician at the outset.

Listed below, are some very good reasons as to ‘Why’ you should consider doing any exercise during your pregnancy, first.

a. Believe it or not, but exercise can help to cut down on the length of time you are in labour and your recovery time too. Doing the right exercise routines will also increase your stamina, which will be needed throughout your delivery.

b. Exercise will help to improve your mental health. Exercise is great at lowering stress, a type of clinical depression often suffered after childbirth, exercising can therefore, help to improve your emotional health. This will help to make it a lot easier for you to get through the experience of becoming a mother.

c. Exercise will help you deal with any weight concerns during, and after your child is born. What concerns new mothers most, is the weight they may have to lose after pregnancy. So training during pregnancy, can make postpartum (depression) weight loss a lot easier to deal with.

d. Exercise helps to keep your body healthy, which is a bonus for both you and your unborn child. By exercising and keeping your body healthy, you are also looking out for your baby’s health too. But remember to keep your exercise routines light; don’t put your baby under stress, because you don’t feel you have done enough. Be smart and both of you will come out smiling.

e. Pregnancy affects your body in unexpected ways. Exercise can help to dramatically reduce side-effects such as fatigue, swelling, constipation, and headaches. Some studies carried out with pregnant women who exercised daily, showed a reduction in the occurrence of these symptoms

f. Exercise has been shown to decrease the risk of premature birth. Studies carried out have proven that exercising during pregnancy can dramatically improve the chances of premature birth by at least 50%.

Also during your exercise make sure you drink plenty of fluids, as exercising will increase dehydration. Avoid at all costs over exertion and also follow a nutritious diet. It’s important to always listen to your body and should you feel dizzy, anxious, sick, or fatigued, then stop and seek out the advice of a physician.

Apart from physical exercise, it’s important, for you to rest as much as possible. This combination of exercising followed by rest will make it a lot easier for you to deliver your unborn baby when the time comes. Women, on the other hand, who don’t exercise, find their experience in the delivery room much harder when the time comes to giving birth.

Exercising during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your unborn baby. Remember to always think about safety first when you are pregnant woman who exerciseexercising in the gym, or out on the road.

As long as you use your common sense and pay attention to your environment around you, you will do a power of good for you and your unborn baby. Best of luck with your exercise routines, and joy to you both, when your unborn baby eventually ventures into this world.

By Judge.J

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Kelly Osbourne has lost weight

Kelly Osbourne as managed to ‘Lose some Weight, but can she Keep it Off?

Everyone who has a problem with shedding weight thinks they are the only ones in the world with this issue, but the truth is that even the big, rich, famous calibrates have a hard time with is endemic condition.

Did you know that ‘Ice Cube’s ex-partner  Mack 10suffered obesity for years and howSOHH suffered a near-fatal seizure and gave his reaction to hip-hop artists like Fat Joeshedding pounds to lessen health concerns. Looks like their days of plenty is coming to an end.

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“He explained it that his boys were dropping off like flies but didn’t know why and so he started losing weight. He said he had diabetes for so many years and he lost weight. But he didn’t get the statistics the way I’m giving them, the way they will …SOHH“.

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Remember your health is in your hands, look after your body, because you CAN’T see what’s going on in the  inside until it’s to late.



Who is The Real Culprit Behind Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease and bodybuilders

What we are told to believe everyday

We’ve have it drilled into our minds loudly and clear everyday of our lives that Cholesterol this true culprit behind Cardiovascular Disease or is it? People have been believe that they must keep an eye on their cholesterol levels, if your levels are low than you can assume that you are automatically out of the woods and will avoid cardiovascular disease, but they may be…Wrong!

We as bodybuilders need to know the truth behind these clams, because to build muscle or any real mass, then we need to understand ‘how’ we interact with things like food, diet, calories, fat, and exercise and ‘Cardiovascular disease’ as a direct influence on the state of our fitness and ability to remain fit.

The fact still remains that under half of those who have heart attacks have abnormal cholesterol (blood lipid) levels. So if high cholesterol levels aren’t entirely to blame what is, well there is some very interesting research that clearly shows that the real culprit is something called…Inflammation.

Have we been sidetracked into believing that cholesterol is the main contributor to ‘Cardiovascular Disease’, if that was so a fact then ask yourself ‘Why’ is the evidence pointing in a different direction?  Let’s take a closer look at this killer disease and what may really lie behind it?

Looking Beyond Cholesterol & ‘Cardiovascular Disease’ – reactive protein

Scientists have long suspected that cholesterol may not be the Holy Grail to understanding the reasons behind heart disease, and now studies at two major medical institutions, confirm that elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, is also a key risk factor.

Inflammation plays a major role in the development and progression of artery-clogging atherosclerosis, the chief underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes.

The bottom line

It would seem that separate of any other risk factors, the higher your CRP levels remain, the higher your risk of developing cardiovascular catastrophe. But there is some good news, by adding CRP screening to lipid screening for those at risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory problems can be identify sooner, so you can take aggressive steps to control them.

About the Studies

In a issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, January 6, 2005, two different research groups came to almost the same conclusions about CRP. At the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, a team examined the cases of 3,745 coronary disease patients to compare the effect of two cholesterol-lowering drugs…Atorvastatin (Lipitor), and Pravastatin (Pravachol). They found that it didn’t matter which medication you chose the real factor was lowering the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol numbers below 70 in high-risk patients, and lowering CRP to below 2 mg per litre of blood.

Those who managed to lower their LDL target, the risk of recurring heart attacks, or dying from a heart attack or stroke, were reduced by another 50% when the CRP level was lowered to 2 mg.

Another study by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation involved 502 heart disease patients. For 18 mouths they were put on a course of statins. Then they conducted Ultrasounds examinations of their arteries and confirmed that lower cholesterol levels did indeed lead to a slower progression of arterial blockage. Significantly, the tests also indicated that “the decrease in CRP levels was independently and significantly correlated with rate of progression”.

According to cardiologist Steven Nissen, MD, author of the Cleveland Clinic study, these two trials strongly suggest that we should focus on statin therapy to help reduce CRP, not just cholesterol. He adds that we must now begin to think of CRP as an accelerator of disease activity, not just a marker associated with high risk.

What You Should Do

It’s an unfortunate fact that most doctors do not monitor CRP as closely as cholesterol, even though it only takes a simple, inexpensive blood test to measure CRP. American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that general practitioners should consider testing CRP levels for those patients who are at intermediate risk for cardiovascular disease, which is defined as having a 10 to 20% risk for a heart attack in the next 10 years based on current health status and history.

If you are in this category, your doctor will inform you. Risk factors that can place you in this category include cholesterol numbers, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Still another reason ‘Why’ you should watch your CRP levels

In another research they discovered that elevated CRP levels may be an early indication of type 2 diabetes. Dr. Nissen highly stresses the need to get both the cholesterol and CRP levels under control. Fortunately, if you follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle to help enhance cardiovascular wellness can help reduce CRP levels.

Maintaining your weight can help

Unfortunately, as your body weight increases so does the levels of CRP, and Dr. Nissen points out that reducing intra-abdominal fat can help reduce CRP levels by up to 40 to 50%.

Follow a healthful diet

As bodybuilders we should take more notice of our diets, not only to help increase muscle size, and reduce body fat, but because there is a link with CRP, and a well-planned and well-balanced diet is necessary to getting your weight under control. If however, your CRP remains elevated, even after your lifestyle adjustments, then your doctor will recommend medications that will help to control the situation. At present, statins (the same drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol) are the only drugs known to reduce CRP.

There is another drug waiting in the background for anti-obesity, anti-smoking…rimonabant (Acomplia), which shows some promise in lowering CRP. The chances are that current research will spark greater interest in developing more new medications.

There are also a number of non-prescription options for reducing CRP, including antioxidant, omega-3, and vitamin B-12 therapies to name, but a few. I would suggest that you try all the natural options before considering taking problem-prone statins.

A note to all you young ones out there, don’t think that this article as nothing to do with you, because CRP build-up starts when you are…young!!

Scientists still have a lot to learn about cardiovascular disease, and there are many risk factors out there that are yet to be uncovered.

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