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Can Exercise Challenge Growing Older

Staying Young With Exercise

Exercise can help the older person to keep fit

Can Exercise or Remaining Active For Longer Really Help You Stay Young

As we grow older, there is more stress and health demands put upon the body. It’s not a time to ditch the health program or cut out any of your fitness routines either.

Unfortunately, as we get older, you need to also increase your exercise routines more than ever.

It’s important for you to keep your body physically fitter, for overall health and wellness. This will enable you to combat certain health problems better, which older people tend to suffer from as they grow older.

This is because; as your body ages your hormone (testosterone) levels start to dip. Joints and muscles, which may have been injured through micro tears, or direct injury, throughout your life, usually start to become chronic, even turning into arthritis.

Everyone, as different fitness levels, but with the right physical therapist or exercise routines, there’s no reason ‘Why’ you can’t stay ahead of the game and remain active throughout your later years.

As your physical body changes slowly over the advancing years, there comes a time when you suddenly realize that things aren’t what they were, understandably, many find this hard to acknowledge.

There’s nothing you can do to stop the aging process, but many unhealthy symptoms are very often self induced, which are reversible, and inevitable. But with the right attitude, understanding, and willingness, the older individual is beginning to understand the gravity of their situation, and most importantly, beginning to realize that they can overcome their aches and pains, stiffness of their joints or muscles, and looking older.

What makes someone look older before their time?

Affectionate older couple

Apart from developing wrinkles and silver hair, you may develop bad posture, instability or coordination with standing or walking, inflexibility, decreased strength, endurance, and weight gain.

These physical disabilities may creep up on you as you grow older, making you feel awful and looking a lot older. It’s important to maintain, as much activity throughout your 50s upwards. It’s through practicing and remaining active that will allow you to increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility levels.

Age is no barrier to remaining active, whether through exercise, hiking, cycling, swimming, or running, for example. There are no pills, potions, or creams to keep old age a bay, the secret to remaining young is to remain as ‘Active’ as possible, for as long as possible.

We can’t stop the process of becoming older, but we can do something about the physical health problems that creep up as time goes by. Activity and exercise will help to improve your balance, posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, and help to reduce your overall fat levels.

What does it take to remain active, healthy, and sexy looking… ‘Commitment’!

Not everyone benefits equally from exercise, but exercise will help to boost your immune system and prevent disease, such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity.

Exercise will also help to relieve stress levels, in-turn helping to prevent depression, and improve mental health generally, improving and even boosting your self-esteem. Exercise will also help to maintain healthy bone density, which as you know increases with age, generally known as ‘Osteoporosis’.

Activity also keeps insomnia at bay, research suggests that exercise may help to improve sleep patterns for most people. Insomnia is a devastating condition to suffer from, it’s slowly robs you of your health, because insomnia courses fatigue, which can be very debilitating.

All these conditions can age you very quickly, exercising and running a active lifestyle, definitely helps to hold back the aging process. If you have spent most of your life looking after yourself, well done, then it’s just a question of keeping on doing with what ever you are doing, and never allow yourself the luxury of slowing down or ever giving up.

If on the other hand you are thinking of starting out for the first time, then caution must be your watch word.

Start off very slowly, and include some of the activity’s mentioned above, or some very easy stretching and strengthening exercises.

Older people keeping fit to stay young

Remember you have nothing to prove to anyone, not even yourself.

You don’t need much in the way of equipment either; you can use ‘Thera-bands’ to start with. Thera-bands are flexible latex bands used to create resistance in physical therapy and light strength training.

Whatever your age is right now, don’t be put off by your physical health. But don’t sit around thinking about starting tomorrow, instead decide to start your training program today, and don’t miss the chance to stay fit in your golden years.

It is very enlightening to know that with a lifetime of dedication to a good physical fitness program that your life will invariably be lengthened, and definitely more enjoyable.

So to answer the original question, ‘Can Exercise Challenge Growing Older’, the simple answer is… yes it can.

With a healthy mind and body you can enjoy more of life, you can pluck and smell many more of the roses.


The Death of a KING…’ Testosterone’

Learn How Testosterone Will Become The Downfall of Your Physique


The Affects of Low Testosterone

The Affects of Low Testosterone

Think you can stay YOUNG and ACTIVE forever, well think again Your Testosterone’ will Prevent You

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but as Testosterone creates growth and vitality, so it will eventually diminish it. Remaining young and active is only possible for a few years of your life, it’s during this time we should take full advantage of want Testosterone as to offer learning how to delay the inevitable death of a hormone that will eventually lead to the eventual outcome we call old age.

However, the wrong things that can be done to help delay is process.

It doesn’t matter whether you have kept yourself in prime condition through fitness, bodybuilding, and sports or not, the fact is as we grow older there are a number of changes that take place within our bodies, over time, most are triggered genetically. What you end up suffering from will depend very much on which gens get turned on, but there are some that are genetically predisposed to turn on in all of us.

And two are constantly at battle within us all every day we grow beyond 45. Unfortunately, for us men, both of these conditions can lead to some very undesirable symptoms like: obesity, memory loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, and an array of other possible conditions.

To help fight against this internal battle, I have listed below the 2 main conditions that will affect us the older we get. I’m also including some well known natural remedies that may help you resist the onslaught of these vicious conditions, and hopefully provide relieve too.

This list below contains information to help you better understand these conditions and equip you with the knowledge to fight them off or slow down their progress.

These conditions hit individuals at different times and if at this moment in time, you are not suffering from any of the below symptoms, then it’s important for you to make sure you safeguard yourself as best as possible, against developing any of these traits for the future.

I would like to concentrate on two very bad symptoms that are particularly dangerous for either a bodybuilder or anyone in his mid-50s who’s interested in staying healthier for longer…

The first one I like to probe is…

Insulin resistance

If you have been putting on weight or finding it difficult to increase any muscle mass, and you are over 40, then Insulin resistance could be a major contributing factor. This condition can go on to lead to further complications, frustrations, and a lack of gym results. Insulin resistance effects people as they grow older, and it can lead to type II diabetes.

Insulin is an important hormone that fulfills many actions within the body, a great majority of which are directed to help and manage the metabolic rate in our bodies. Insulin helps to control carbohydrates, which consists of sugars and starches, lipids (fats), and proteins.

Insulin plays a vital role in regulating the cells of the body, most importantly, their growth…so what’s going on here, why is the body self-destructing?

Before we begin, it’s important that you first understand one of the primary functions of insulin. Insulin and only insulin, is primed to gather simple sugars that accumulate in the blood system after we have eaten a meal. Insulin’s primary and only job is to collect up the sugars from the blood stream and transport them directly into our muscle cells, where they are converted into fuel for the muscles to burn as energy, typically known as glucose.

Insulin is the only hormone that is allowed to deliver sugars into the muscle cells, but unfortunately the body can become resistant to this action.

When this happens a vicious circle begins, because the body won’t allow the insulin to deliver its cargo, the pancreas goes into overdrive, and begins to create more insulin. The body will always try to keep the body in balance, and producing more insulin should correct this imbalance. And at the beginning of this process resistance is overcome and blood glucose levels remain about normal.

But as with all things this strategy begins to fail, and the longer this situation goes on the more resistance is built up. So now we reach an impasse, because there is an excessive amount of insulin in the bloodstream, which cannot now deliver its cargo (glucose).

Has the resistance grows the insulin finds it more difficult to deliver its cargo, but deliver it, it must, as the insulin cannot remain in the bloodstream, so the only place left that will accept these sugars are the, you guessed it, the fat cells…and as a result the fat cells become larger.

High insulin levels, can lead to obesity, higher cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

Most people with insulin resistance have extra fat around the middle. Tip: Check your waist-to-hip ratio, the measurement around your belly button divided by the measurement around your hips. If it is greater than 0.8, you likely have insulin resistance.

Research as clearly shown that exercise can, to a certain extent, help keep insulin resistance under control. But as time marches on the resistance becomes too great and even this strategy begins to break- down.  

But all is not lost, because there is help in the form of ‘Supplements’. Supplements have been shown to reduce insulin resistance, and in some cases, almost eliminate the problem altogether.

Tip: A cheap and simple remedy is ‘Cinnamon’, about one-quarter of a spoonful in the morning with say your porridge, for example, will help to reduce blood sugar levels by encouraging cells to take up insulin.

Another important supplement that’s been intensely scientifically examined, and shown to have a positive effect upon insulin uptake, is…Chromium. Well worth the look.

Estrogen levels?

Although, the estrogen hormone is a predominantly a female hormone, men too need small amounts of this hormone to help build other certain hormones. But for man this is where the dilemma starts, because for man high levels of ‘Estrogen’ can lead to conditions like; water retention, and the accumulation of fatty tissue around the belly and breasts of men.

A higher level of ‘Estrogen’ is known to lead to the male version of the menopause… ‘Andropause’. As we grow older ‘Testosterone’, the primary male hormone, slowly declines, and males can start to experience symptoms like reduced sex drive, loss of muscle, low energy levels, lower self-confidence and insomnia.

Lower testosterone levels can result in increased estrogen levels causing the growth of breast tissue in males. When it comes to men, there are both good and bad estrogen, which are balanced out when you are young.

One of the unfortunate side effects of lower Testosterone and higher estrogen’s levels is what’s known as ‘stubborn fat’. This condition effects a lot of men when they reach their middle 40’s, and regardless of any heavy training routine and/or low carbohydrates/low-fat intake diets, this fat will not dissipate.

This is because; some research has shown that stubborn fat has more estrogen receptors than any other fat deposits on your body, therefore, more estrogen gets attracted to these stubborn fat cells and the harder they become to remove.

There are a couple of good supplements that can help in this area; one is Flaxseed Oil’. Though an effective source of omega 3, 6, & 9 (EFA’s) in their correct volumes, flax seed oil contains lignans that act as estrogen site antagonists. What this means is this; they help prevent estrogenic activities such as female pattern fat deposits by blocking estrogen’s from their receptor sites.

And the other supplement that allows the body to expel excessive amounts estrogen from the body is ‘Calcium-D Glucarate’. Scientific studies have shown this supplement to be very effective at removing estrogen, ongoing studies have shown encouraging results in the treatment of breast cancer.

“I hope you have gained some inside knowledge and help with regards to removing stubborn fat”

If you believe that you are suffering from either of these two conditions and would like to take action and get them under control ‘Why’ not get the help you need, I can fully recommend the following two supplements…‘Flaxseed Oil’ & ‘Calcium-D Glucarate’


Take back control of your life…


  •  No more hours of endless exercise
  •  No more excessive diets
  •  No more disappointments, frustration or lost hope


My top recommendations are…


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Is Fitness All About Our Genes?

‘Genetics’ for health & fitness


Genetics and fitness

Peter Chadwick/Getty Images

Is Fitness All in the Genes?

by Gretchen Reynolds

Why do some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, whereas others who exercise just as hard for months end up no fitter than when they began?

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That question has bedeviled countless people who’ve started exercise programs. It has also motivated a major new study of the genetics of fitness. Scientists long have known that when any given group of people faithfully follows the same aerobic workout routine, some increase their cardio respiratory fitness substantially; while an unfortunate few seem to get no benefits at all. But what, beyond the fundamental unfairness of life, makes one person’s body receptive to exercise and another’s resistant?

To read more go to the original article…

Please Note: This artical as nothing to do with losing body fat, but everything to do with fitness levels.

So there you have it, the science is in, and it’s staring you in the face. If you are wondering why despite all your efforts you can’t seem to make progress in your fitness routine, then stop beating yourself up, the important thing is you are executing a fitness routine and although the benefits will be slow in coming, nevertheless, with hard work you will make progress and a positive difference to your lifestyle.

Benefits to fitness training…

  1. A higher level of fitness, controls weight
  2. Flexibility and mobility
  3. Space and time to yourself to reflect on daily matters, very important
  4. Social gathering and fun
  5. Improves your moods
  6. Boosts your energy levels
  7. Helps combat health and disease conditions
  8. Helps to promote better sleep
  9. Can help boost your sex life

Formal exercise is still the best thing you can do for you’re over all health…

For you bodybuilders who wonder if genetics is stifling your gains then please watch this video…




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