'Why' is Flexibility Essential for Muscle Growth

Showing just how flexible you can get!

There are many benefits to Flexibility but the main one for bodybuilders is Muscle Growth!

I’m asked about this subject of stretching before doing a routine almost daily, and as I’ve been involved in the ‘Martial Arts’ for most of my life, watch my video’s,  I feel that I’m in a unique position and special prospective to talk about this subject.

There is no need to become as flexible as the man in the above picture, but it does clearly show that ‘Flexibility’ is measured by the joint’s capability to move through its full reach of movement. Flexibility training or stretching helps balance muscle groups that might be overused during exercise or physical activity, or as a result of bad posture. There are many benefits attached to performing a good flexibility program.

What are there’s benefits 1) a safe, effective dexterity training program will help to increases your physical performance. 2) A joint that able to flex through a greater range of movement will require less energy to do so, with the added benefit of greatly decreasing any threat of injury.

It’s been known now for a long time by the ‘top bodybuilders’ that stretching helps to decrease any possible resistance in muscle tissue; therefore, you become less likely to become injured by pushing your muscles beyond the maximum range the muscle will tolerate during activity.

Recent studies show that slow, static stretching helps reduce muscle soreness after exercise by removing toxins, and Lactic Acid’ that have built up during training with weights…this allows the trained muscle to repair fully. 

To properly perform any stretching movements, weather done be a beginner of someone with extensive training, you need to stretch slowly throughout the full range of motion, holding the full stretch for around 15 to 30 seconds. This must be achieved without the presence of any pain. Stretching also improves muscular balance and posture.

One benefit that tends to get overlooked about stretching is just ‘how’ stretching helps to reduce, even lowers the risk of low back pain. This is because the hamstring muscles, hip flexors, quadriceps, and other muscles attached to the pelvis, greatly lowers the stress, because these muscle and tendons are straightened and relaxed during the stretching session, lowering back stress.

Also, the more flexibility you have in a muscle the more movement you can put that muscle through, and as we all know…in order to maximize muscle growth you need to put the muscle through as fuller range of movement as possible. 

As you can see, flexibility training is one of the key components of a balanced fitness program and should be part of your exercise routine.  All the top bodybuilders do some flexibility training after their initial training, so don’t you miss out on what the big boys already know, it’s a more important part of your training and probably more important than you will know. The benefits that are gained through stretching can’t be achieved through any other form of training…so make it part of your weekly training program.

Stretching also benefits flexibility of the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Keep training, eat lot’s of pizza, grow big and strong…John!