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Top 10 Benefits of Weight Training

10 Weight Training Benefits to a Happier LIFE

Are there any real benefits to lifting or training with weights, well all the research over the years as proven beyond doubt that lifting weights is one of the most beneficial health gains available today? The data is in and the results have been clarified… Weight Trainingis officially beneficial to health.

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What are the 10 benefits of Weight Training

  • One of the most influential results from all this data clearly demonstrates that weight training boosts your immune system, this is important news for those who are getting older, because the older we become the less effective the immune system functions.
  • There have been numerous studies that have shown clearly that weight training helps to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone is the main contributor for muscle development, and as you get older your testosterone begins to drop affecting many body functions, which apart from muscle growth, affects the body’s ability to burn off fat and repair joints, tendons, ligaments, and cells, etc.
  • Studies also show that weight training also helps to improve your cognitive functions. Have you ever noticed that when you are plagued with a problem, during your exercise you are better able to work out a solution to your problem?
  • Better sexual performance. Because weight training boosts your testosterone levels it also has a direct effect on your performance in the bedroom. But be careful, because long duration workouts have the opposite effect, they indeed increase your levels of cortisol, which suppresses the levels of testosterone.
  • Also weight training increases the release of endorphin’s, which make you feel good about yourself. Endorphin’s increase your self esteem, making you feel more confident, sexy, healthy, and positive.
  • Weight training also improves your energy levels, helping you cope with your every day busy schedules, even having enough energy left over to help those around you.
  • Weight training helps your mood swings. In this modern world of ours, stress is a common feature and weight training is a great way to relieve the stress or anxieties of life. Relieving the pressures of stress make you feel better and improves your home and social life.
  • The research and data clearly shows that weight training can help to reduce the risks of disease. Weight training can help to reduce, or eliminate the risk of heart disease, obesity, some cancers, diabetes, and strokes.
  • Weight training can also help you to remain young. In a world that is now fixated on remaining young, exercising with weights can dramatically help to improve muscle tone, flexibility, increased cardiovascular performance, and improves skin tone.
  • All of this adds up to greater confidence in the way you look and feel, this feeds down to your friends and family, making you a lot happier and able to cope with life.

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So there you have it, the research and data doesn’t lie, which is backed up by what I and my students have experienced over the years. The benefits to weight training, far exceeds the input required by a mile. Next time you go to the gym remember what you are about to gain from your weight training schedule.

By JudgeJ


Free Weights VS Machines

Are Free Weights or Machines Better For Muscle Growth

Weights V Machines

Rings Used By Gymnastics Do Build Impressive Bodies Can The Same Be Said For Machines In The Gym?

So What Are The Differences Between Free Weights And Machines

The first thing we should mention before we begin this debate, is the necessity to always remind oneself that exercise is a life style and is for life.

And in any 24-hour period we are only ever going to be exercising for maybe an hour or two, leaving 22 hours for the muscles to repair and develop.

It’s important to understand this philosophy and to religiously stick to your routine without fail, because it doesn’t matter if you use weights or machines without living, breathing, eating, and enjoying this activity, no advancement in fitness or muscle mass will ever materialize.

Also, it’s necessary to understand that when doing any type of exercise, the range of movement during the exercise, known as ‘the range of movement’ is just as important as the exercise itself. Generally  speaking, the more difficult or grater the range of movement is, the more affect the exercise will have, because your muscles simply as to do twice the amount of hard work performing the movement than if the movement was shorter.

Let’s take as an example a classic dumbbell bicep curl. Just in case you are not familiar with this exercise, let me take a moment to explain.

The bicep curl is performed by standing up straight, with the palms of your hands facing your sides, holding a dumbbell in each hand straight down by your sides. You begin by contracting your biceps to bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height, at about a 45° angle, twisting the dumbbell at the beginning so that when reaching shoulder height, the palms of your hands are now facing towards you, and this is all done without any twisting of the body.

You repeat for a set number of times, rest and repeat again for three sets.

Now let’s examine the same bicep curl, but this time executed on a curl machine.

To start with, the standard bicep curl machine requires you to sit down and brace your upper arms, with the triceps pressing down on a plate. Now using the two handles that will be in front you, perform the same motion as above with the dumbbells, pulling the handles in an upward motion, lowering, then repeating.

Now let’s inspect the difference between these two exercises. The first thing to notice is that when using the curl machine you are basically only essentially contracting your biceps, which is pretty much all you are doing. Also, when using a machine you are sitting down, this will severely restrict how much your shoulders can give.

The free standing dumbbell bicep exercise brings into play many muscles that will help the bicep to raise the weight, the forearms and fingers as examples. But the important thing here is to note that the machine moves only in one plane, up and down, whereas when using the dumbbells, the arm is allowed to twist giving a much larger range of movement.

Because your freestanding the biceps has to work very hard to lift the dumbbells, where as with the machines you can pull, brace against the machine to gain leverage.

gym equipment Also, with the machine the stronger arm gets an opportunity to dominate the exercise, whereas with the dumbbells, the arms are working independently of one another and therefore, the weaker bicep as to work harder to keep up with the stronger bicep.

Something you must watch out for when using a bicep curl machine. Some machines look like a bicep curl exercise, but they aren’t. If the machine has you gripping a handle that’s vertical; your palms would be facing inwardly towards one another, with thumbs on top of your hands, then it’s not for training the bicep.

This type of exercise almost excludes the biceps from the exercise; instead they are for performing a hammer movement that’s designed to work the brachial muscle, which lies between the bicep and triceps. Yes you do need to train the brachial muscle, but it should be done on a separate training day, so as to not over-train the bicep…remember that the bicep muscle will shrink if over-trained.

One of the best things about using a machine is all the weights are on the stack as opposed to dragging dumbbells or barbell plates all over the gym, especially when the biceps are beginning to fade.

There are a lot of people out there that would argue the fact that free weights are better at developing muscle size, I’m one of them and pretty much agree with this. Free weights have been around a lot longer and have been proven time after time to achieve dramatic results.

There are however, some pros and cons to both disciplines.

In a nutshell, there is absolutely no doubt that free weights will develop more muscle mass than machines do and from a bodybuilders point of view, this is the most effective way to achieve it, but this doesn’t mean that machines have no value for a bodybuilder.

In order to develop any muscle mass, it is necessary on occasions to introduce some stability exercises into the routine schedules. Although it’s pretty much well established that standing dumbbell, barbell, bicep curls will produce the desired effects, in order to develop shape and symmetry it’s necessary to introduce some stability exercises, and machines are excellent for this purpose.

I have personally used machines for certain exercises, for example, cable crossovers, triceps push downs, cable rows, lateral pull downs, and so on. And when on a competition diet, machines are invaluable, because as you approach the day of a competition your strength and stamina hits rock bottom and struggling with carrying weights takes too much energy.

Machines are very useful for people who have never been to the gym before. They allow the tendons and connective tissues the opportunity to adjust to the stress and strains of their new routines, and takes away the extra concentration required to balance or stabilize the free weights, it helps with their confidence too.

Machines are also very useful for helping people with health or injury conditions, helping to strengthen and build range of movement, getting them back into training with free weight.

Machines do add a dimension to your exercises that free weights cannot, so the argument should be…” how best to use these machines”. And leave the arguments and debates to those who have nothing better to do, but dream about owning a body that’s worth some discussion!




It Helps to Know What Body Type You Are ‘STOP’ Wasting Your Time!


Do You Know Your Body Type ‘Why’ is It Important 


Because if you are to become successful in ‘Building muscle’, reaching your pinnacle of fitness or simply lose weight, you need to learn how to structure your training for maximum results, and can only achieve that if  you know your ‘Body type and ‘How’ to train it.

The same goes if you’re training with a partner, because in many cases people have no idea as to their partner’s body type.  So what if they are a different body type would it be a waste of time training with them, well yes and no. Yes if you have no idea what their body type was and no if you do.

For example, if you know they were a long distant runner and you were a sprinter, then you wouldn’t train together.

But having said that it’s not impossible to train with a different body type to you, because there’s no reason why you can’t do your own thing, a training partner is there to help and support you, not do your training for you.

Last but not least, you could be eating the wrong diet for your body type. That would be catastrophe if you are trying to increase muscle size or lose weight. 

What Body Type are you…


Mesomorph are usually referenced as the ‘Gifted ones’, because these body types are genetically predisposed to great musculature gains, and usually very athletic looking. They have a tough, muscular physic, which is symmetric and a good posture. For a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, this is good news! Mesomorphs are said to build muscle mass faster than most people can and to be able to lose fat rapidly when on the right diet!

Their Training…

It’s said that the best type of training can be achieved through heavy weight, performed explosively, with great force output, and intensity. Super-sets, Compound-sets, and giants-sets, are useful here as they can produce significant gains. Always allow proper recovery, rest, and variety, as this style of workouts can easily lead to over training!

Cardiovascular exercises should be done 2-3 times a week for about 20-30 min’s per session. Intensity wise, moderate to high for fat burning purposes. Don’t go overboard, as it is believed that Mesomorph could lose lean mass if cardio is too long or frequent!


Protein is the key, so be sure to get quality protein daily along with moderate amount of carb’s, preferably low glycemic ones and fat. Ideally, a Mesomorph should avoid weight fluctuation in order to gain or retain mass. Adopting a diet that is rich in nutritious and ‘clean’ food will help you to keep your appetite and energy level stable (satisfied) too avoid cravings.


This particular body type is generally predisposed to a higher % of body fat. Known to have a ‘soft look’, it is harder for them to trim and tone through exercises and diet. The good news is that Endomorph bone structure is wide and strong. This can be a bonus for your bodybuilding endeavour.

Their Training…

When choosing a type of workout, Endomorph should focus on enhancing their metabolism. Circuit training, Supersets, Compound-sets, or other similar routines, are beneficial. It is not recommended to use such heavy weights that will limit the total amount of reps to be performed. Repetition in the range of 10-15 is best. Shorter rests, about 30-60 sec max between sets are suitable to stay within your target heart rate.

Since Endomorph are said to be prone to carry extra body fat, cardiovascular training must be present and regular. If you have not train for a while, start off easy. The use of a heart rate monitor might come very handy for you here. It will allow you to keep within your target heart rate range in order to maximize fat loss.

To find your target range, take 220 minus (-) your age, and multiply (x) the result by the percentage % of exertion you aim at working out at. 30-40 minutes should also be added to include warm up and cool down session would be suitable.


We all need to eat frequent yet complete smaller meal rather than 3 square meals a day. Endomorphs are no exception to the rule! In fact, they benefit greatly from it as it is said to enhance their metabolism and keep their energy level more stable. Be sure to eat at least 5-6 meals per day. Meal replacement shakes and bars might help if you are on the go, but don’t forget to consume ‘real’ food as well.


They are ‘Hard gainers’, in other words long leg or arms, with a low % of body fat and small muscles. While some women wouldn’t find it to be a problem to have some of the characteristics of this body type, men will probably see it in a different way!

Their Training…

If you are an Ectomorph, you probably will benefit the most if you train with heavy weights. You will want to stimulate your muscles ‘deeply’ in order to have the training response you want to increase your muscle mass and exercises using barbells and dumbbells, will greatly help to achieve this. They allow you to use full range of motion and are said to be best at mimicking natural human body movement. By taking longer rests between sets (2-3 min), you can replenish your ATP level and lift intensively again.

Performing such workouts using heavy weight taxes your body, therefore, you will need to make sure you are resting and recovering, fully between sessions.

Ectomorph’s usually have a faster metabolism and burn their calories more rapidly, so don’t be too concern about cardiovascular training for now. Unless you wish, or have to do cardio for personal reasons, you should initially concentrate on gaining lean muscle mass through your weight training.


Remember that your nutrition is at least 70-75 % of your overall training results! So even if you are naturally thin you need to eat complete, frequent, and healthy meals/snacks. Always supplement with daily multi vitamins. There are other aids that can benefit you as well, things like amino acids, protein shakes, which will help provide you with an integrated approach to training and are yours to discover!

Now you have no excuses, you now know your body type, adjust your training to suit your body type. If your partner is of a different body type to you then discuss your training with them. Whatever the outcome remember that if your training isn’t geared to your body type then progress with be painfully slow… if any at all.



Why is the Pump So Important for Muscle Growth

Bars And Weights Are JUST TOOLS For

Braking-down Muscle Tissues They Don’t Build Muscle.


The Pump Should be The Most Singular Important Objective in Your Workout to Force Muscle Growth!

It realy doesn’t matter who’s routine you follow, or whether you do high reps with low weights, or low reps with high weights, super-setting, drop sets, or volume training, everyone who enters any gym anywhere in the world, as one thing in common…they ‘All’ pump up their muscles!!

Does the routine count or the Pump to encourage Muscle Growth

But ‘why’?

It’s very simple, because “Pumping-up you muscle(s) creates the perfect environment for muscle growth.

Now think about it for just one moment…when you train, your training forces blood into the muscle or muscle groups you are training, it does this for two reasons. First, your muscle requires oxygen and carbohydrates to burn and fuel it through its workout. Second, then it requires protein to repair the damage done through your training.  And you may be astonished to learn that muscle starts the repair procedure as soon as you start your first rep. Apart from proteins your muscles require hormones to repair and promote growth.

This perfect environment is produced when the muscle is pumped. It’s the only time when the right conditions exist and the muscles are full of all the right ingredients to promote growth, this is how ‘Exercises increase muscle size strength’!

Also, and very exciting too for the bodybuilder, when you train your muscles hard, using correct form and weight, and reaching what is known as the ‘burn’, this is lactic acid build-up in the muscle, its what’s left after the muscle burns glucose or sugars, your body responds by sending out a signal for the release of…‘Growth Hormones’ (GH). This signal is a response mechanism to the damage done to the muscle fibres to start repairing straight away.

It was only ever thought that GH was produced when you where in deep sleep, but the latest research from America as clearly shown intense training and the ‘burn’ also produces a response of GH too.  So Arnold was right when he said…no pain, no gain.

‘How’ to increase muscle size naturally

So you want ‘Powerful’ shoulders, ‘Cannonball’ like arms, a chest to ‘Die’ for, and a physique to ‘Turn’ heads… Then stop dreaming, because anyone with the right knowledge, know how, and is prepared to Work hard, can realize their dreams.

Some people, because of genetics, natural ability, strength, perfect body structure, leverage, and other factors, can use any routine and make gains, win championships and/or break records. But the average person must have a well planned out routine and use a little common sense, determination, self-believe to achieve their goals.

Again, I like to keep things as simple as possible… muscle is made up of thousands of tubular like fibres that run along the length of the muscle. When you exercise hard with heavy weights, the effort courses the fibres to breakdown. You can only breakdown so many fibres, it’s impossible to breakdown all the fibres in the muscle.

The body carries out repairs to these fibres, and when ‘fully’ repaired, the fibres become slightly thicker and stronger. The more fibres you breakdown, the quicker the muscle thickness will occur, and the stronger it will become.

As you can imagine the more fibres you can breakdown during your workout, the more growth you will obtain. Weight training is often referred to as resistance training, so make sure that you ‘Never’ allow your muscles to relax during your workout. This mains putting the Resistance back into your training, by working your muscles to failure, the harder you work them within a 3 set routine to failure the more fibres you can effect, any more and you could be ‘Overtraing them’!

But a word of warning, after breaking down your muscle fibres, you must rest that muscle group, for a full 7 days before training them again, because that’s ‘How’ long it takes for muscles to recover…unless you’re on steroids that is.

This is the way your body works you can’t get around it. However, if you don’t rest the muscles after exercise your body won’t have the time it needs to totally repair these fibres.  Should you train that muscle or muscle group before this rest period is up, you run the risk of disturbing the repair of the fibres, thus undoing all the hard work of your previous workout, in effect holding at that point in time. And if you are always re-training within this time schedule, your muscles will never get stronger or bigger…ever wondered why you don’t seem to grow?

There is tons of evidence ‘how’ that shows clearly that this is the ‘Easiest way increase muscle size’!

Remember to work your muscles to failure and … Rest is King”.