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Supplements Are Getting Better


Increased innovations in muscle building over the past few years have re-kindled a new surge of interest in ‘Bodybuilding Supplements to help those who train their bodies realize better results faster.

However, the biggest problem they come to face with all these supplements hitting the market today is… you need to be a lab geek, because it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s really working, sorting out the hype from fact, and even if it’s a good fit for your muscle-building module.

Muscle-building, fat burning, energy enhancement, power lifting and keeping fit, covers a pretty hefty field, and yet there are several factors that go into optimizing your growth…

There is however, a specific supplement that supports each of those factors.

For example, as you know muscle is increased through a combination of training to the max, stimulating various muscle fibres and increasing anabolic hormones, avoiding muscle loss, getting a pump, etc.

So it’s pretty obvious that you need to tap into the most powerful muscle growth potential possible, and it’s a sure bet for those who are serious about their results, should learn to combine the best stack possible to work synergistically and help you reach your goals faster.

PROVEN List of Body Enhancing Supplements to Add to Your Daily Dietary Requirements

There are 7 best known, approved, and trusted Growth Factors supplements that have stood the test of time. They will help aid your program for fat burning, muscle exploding, rip roaring, cardiovascular endurance, which complement each other and make the perfect stack. Please always read labels, warnings, and directions provided with the product before using or consuming the product…

We are going to start with the 1st supplement…Creatine‘!


Get Stronger by taking ‘Creatine’

Creatine is a natural nitrogenous organic acid we all have stored in our muscles, but there isn’t enough to create any growth after training.

For more information on the Bodybuilding Creatine watch this video below… 


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To get stronger, you need to work hard and lift heavy weights…period, but that puts a huge strain on your body, and sometimes we need help to push on.

‘Creatine‘ has been around for some time now and is one of the only supplements to have proven its worth, over and over, again.

Supplementing containing Creatine offers you your best chance to increase your power more during your workouts, increasing the number of plates you lift. This increase in lifting compactly will allow you to hit your Type II muscle fibres harder, triggering much faster strength gains.

However, a word of warning…stay away from the fancy scammey Creatine… Ethyl-esther, a version that’s been promoted…it’s a total scam!

Remember to stick with good old plain old Creatine-monohydrate, or if you’re really adventurous, Creatine-gluconate.

If you take Creatine in a powder form, which I recommend, as it gets adsorbed into your system much quicker, then take it as soon as you mix it up, because it starts to disintegrate as soon as it comes into contact with water.

Also, Creatine takes time to build up in your body, so may take a few weeks before you show your maximum gains in strength and performance. It’s water soluble and will clear the system in a short period of time, therefore, keep on taking it even on none training days. Creatine is safe and can be taken for as long as you wish, but it is advised to take a break from time to time, I do this when I cycle to lighter weights and higher reps.

Also do not exceed the dosage as this will result in involuntary urgent visits to the toilet.

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