‘How’ to Build Your Own Powerful Elite Physique – a Book Review

How to Building a Powerful Physique

Do you dream of Building a Powerful Physique, only to be frustrated, irritated, and fed-up with your lack of muscle growth, strength development, or fitness levels, do you feel you aren’t getting anywhere in the gym.

You are not alone, there are 10s of millions of gym goers who also dream of creating a powerful elite physique, but never see any real results from all their hard work, but please understand… it’s not their fault.

There are many good books on the subject of natural bodybuilding and burning the fat, the difficulty comes with knowing, which of these books contain useful information, or, which contain nothing, but crap.

Bodybuilding is like politics, it’s hard to know, who to trust. They all sound great, offering the only solutions, asking us to believe that they, and they alone, know how to fix the existing problems, but in reality they continue to go down the same old path, producing the same annoying results.

But there is a massive difference between politics and my book… ‘Building a Powerful Physique’. You see I know what I’m talking about, “I’ve worn the T-shirt”, being there and done that.

Over the last 50yrs I’ve been involved in the bodybuilding, power-lifting, and the fitness game, I have pulled, pushed, rolled, and lifted weights, doing countless reps, sets, and pounded the treadmills, roads, and pavements of Great Britain.

I have read countless books, seen DVDs, and witnessed routines that make my blood boil, I can guarantee you right now, there are a multitude of people following some obscure bodybuilding fad, they read, seen, or were told, who will come to despise their time in the gym.

‘Building a Powerful Physique’ is based on years of proven formula, which have worked for countless of millions of people over the years. A very powerful, honest, but simple book, it will arm you with only the truthful facts, which you will need to start seeing some real results, you may be surprised at just how simple building muscle mass, really is.

You need to stop listening to the many myths and taboos floating around in gyms, people really do believe that building any form of muscle size, or increasing strength, lies in some hidden secret, which is concealed by those in the know how. But I’m telling you now, there are no secrets to learn, it’s all been done before by people like Arnold, back in the 1950’s who was massive!

Yes, the modern bodybuilder may be carrying more size, but this is mainly due to a better understanding of diet, supplementation, and steroids, and nothing to do with some new revolutionary exercise, it’ all been tried before.

You need the facts, not the unfounded, unproven, or incomplete advice from those who don’t know what they are talking about, get the real low down on building muscle mass, increasing your strength, or fitness, right now.

What will you learn from reading this book:

a) ‘Why’ building muscle mass must be your first and only goal

b) ‘Why’ you should avoid over-training like the plague, and ‘How’ to avoid it

c) ‘How’ do you know if your training routines are working and ‘what’ you can do to rectify any problematic techniques.

d) ‘What’ you should know about vitamins, minerals, supplements, and ‘Why’ you need to take them

e) ‘What’ are the three basic bodybuilding routines that build mass like CRAZY, and ‘Why’ should you include them into your routines

And much, MUCH, more

If you are really serious about creating the perfect physique and you don’t want to waste your time in the gym, then you need to read this book… ‘Building a Powerful Physique’. Realize your dreams, don’t leave your deepest wishes to chance, this is your opportunity to do something about the outcome you demand…

How to Building a Powerful Physique

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