Hi my name is John and I’ve been involved with the bodybuilding world for over 50yrs.

I’ve taken part in weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions all over the country…although I didn’t start off with this in mind. I run a gymnasium in Tyseley, Birmingham, for over 6yrs, and I had some of the strongest guys in the UK, members of the ‘English Weight Lifting Team’ (BOWLA), training there on the weekends. We also hold regular (West Midlands area) weight lifting competitions at the venue throughout the year.

I’m now retired from the game due solely to injuries, but several years ago I noticed that there were a number of websites starting up that, well to put it bluntly bull s***ed, or stretched the truth until it wasn’t recognizable and helped to perpetuate theories into myths.

I haven’t had the time to reply or rectify the mistakes these people have been feeding honest people like yourselves, but now I’m retired…so now I can.

If you want to know the real truth behind growing muscle, losing weight, getting fit, what supplements to take and what they do, injure treatments, competition diets etc, then you have landed in the right place.

Over time this website will grow to answer all your questions with the most up to date, and in some cases, old but proven strategies to work of almost everyone at the gym regardless of what they want to active.

It’s my intention to pass onto you all my experience and knowledge gained over my lifetime and for FREE!

No bull s**t just plain honest information that you can take to the bank. Routines you can try out in your gym, feel the difference they make and then you will start to believe in your ability to reach your true potential.

I have also been involved in the Martial Arts where I have learnt techniques to flexibility, strength, and fitness. I started Judo and Aikido and went on to Karate at the age of 15, that’s over 50 years ago.

Below are some video’s showing my son (JohnPual), some of my students and myself doing some Karate demonstrations in Worcester in 1996.  The first video shows a demonstration of a Kata, first slowly to demonstrate control, then showing the bunKi (application), finally with all three of us in synchronization.

The second video as me doing some chair defence techniques, please…enjoy!


It’s my hope that we can forge a partnership that will see you succeed, wherever that may well be. I look forward to working with you…John!

About…John Judge!


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