‘Why’ Should You Exercise

We are tolled almost everyday that we should go to the gym to follow an exercise program in order to maintain a healthy, healthy body, but ‘Why’? The sad fact is many never make it to the starting block to begin with. Unfortunately, this is  simple to understand, because they have failed to understand the basic benefits to exercising.

Below, you’ll find several good reasons why you should start following an exercise routine… right now.

1. Contributes to fat loss

Scientific research from all over the world, as proven without a shadow of a doubt, that physical exercise ‘Does’ contribute to weight loss. The equation is simple; if you consume more calories than you are able to burn through daily activity and exercise… you’ll put on weight. During exercise, it’s possible to burn off more calories than if you don’t. It’s really simple… the more you exercise, the more weight or fat you’ll lose.

2. Prevent disease

There have been several studies now, researching whether or not, exercise as any real impact upon reducing the chances of developing several various diseases. The results have proven that regular training does indeed decrease developing such diseases. Diseases include: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke.
Each year 4 out of 5 deaths are caused by heart disease, cancer, and are linked to factors such as stress and lack of exercise.
We are well educated today and know that diabetes increases the chance for heart attacks and strokes.
The research as clearly shown, that many of these risk factors and diseases, have a better chance of developing to damage your health when not exercising, when exercising these risk factors are greatly reduced.
So to help reduce these risks… Start exercising.

3. Improving disease

Many minor and severe diseases can be improved, or even healed, through frequent exercise, including those listed above. By following a regular plan of exercise, you can also dramatically reduce HDL cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels, and decrease your blood pressure as well.

There is also some evidence to suggest that regular exercises can also reduce your risk factor of developing prostate cancer in men, breast and uterine cancer for women.
There is now a ton of scientific proven studies that prove that exercises can reduce these by changing diseases, which is why you should start exercising today.

4. Enhance your state of mind

It’s well understood today, that when you exercise your body produces a high level of endorphin’s into the body. Endorphin’s help to fight depression and make you feel happier and more alive after your training session. Endorphin’s are released into the bloodstream after only 12 minutes of exercise.
There is however, another chemical that’s released into the bloodstream during and, after a workout, known as Serotonin. Serotonin acts upon the central nervous system and is linked to the feelings of well-being, leading to a decrease in any mental depression symptoms. Serotonin also helps you get a better night’s sleep, and as we now, during deep sleep we produce growth hormone, which helps to repair muscle, bones, and tissues, and also increases muscle mass.

5. Enhance your wellness

If you have been training, or trained for any length of time, you will know that regular exercise will increase your energy levels and improve your overall mood.
This leads to an enhanced level of wellness, because you have stretched yourself beyond what you thought was possible, and the possibility of continuing to stretch yourself further, in the future

6. Persistence

Exercising on a regular basis not only gives you more energy, but will improve your productivity at home, at work, help to energize your activities, holidays, and hobbies.
Exercising will help you to focus on new goals. Exercising can help spur your new goals, a higher sense of purpose, and give you something, to focus on and aim for.
Exercise is a great way to help you increase your persistence and prevent you from going off track while you aim for your new goals.

7. Social capabilities

Exercising on a regular basis will also give you a boost in your self-esteem; this in turn will give you a better outlook on life, looking better, and being more comfortable in your surroundings.
Exercise is also a great way of meeting new people, forging new friendships, helping to free you from the feeling of any isolation you may be experiencing in your life.
Exercise can also increase your interest in sex, hoping to improve your marriage, relationships, or forging new ones.

Now you have an idea of what exactly exercise can do for you, don’t sit there leaving it to another day. Get to the gym and start your training regime, you can exercise at home or go out and join a gym, Kick-starting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Not only will you feel better, you will also look fitter, more radiant, sexier, and healthier.

Not only will you feel better physically, and mentally, but exercise can help to improve your well-being and self esteem, and just as importantly, will give you a positive outlook on life, including setting some personal goals.

Exercise as some truly positive benefits, all you have to do is take a little bit of time out of your daily life and start exercising – you know down deep you should… go on you deserve it.

Author… J.J


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