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Building Big Arms Can be Tricky Because The Bicep Muscle Can…Shrink if Over-trained!

I guess I’m asked about this one about 5 or 6 times a week, and yes, yes, yes, you got to train heavy to grow. That’s right, but don’t forget to train hard with high intensity and good technique. Building Big Arms and make muscles explode,  you must annihilate them in the gym, but don’t try training with poundage’s that are heavier than you can handle. If you ignore proper form, you’re going to miss the target you’re trying to hit…’Building Big Arms’!

As a rule of thumb, train at 60-80% of your one rep max. Or, put on enough poundage where you can only crank out 6-10 reps per set…at full intensity.

Which one is best for ‘Building Big Arms’ Straight or EZ bar… that’s the question?

Although the EZ bar, a shorter bar that as ‘bends’ where you grip it, is often used when people train their biceps, research as now shown that a ‘straight’ bar actually produces greater muscle activity in the ‘Biceps’

Although one of the main roles of the biceps is to flex the elbow joint, it also rotates the palm too. In other words, if you hold your palm facing downwards, then twist it so that it faces up, the biceps is doing some of the work.

But with a straight bar, the palm is already facing up, with the EZ bar your palms are angled in slightly so they face each other. The researchers think this is one reason why the EZ bar curl reduces muscle activity in the biceps compared to using a straight bar.

Of course, the EZ bar does work other muscles well, such as the forearms and side of the upper arm. However, if you want to get maximum growth of the biceps, make sure that the straight barbell curl is used too. My favorite is doing Dumbbell curls with the palms facing forward for the whole movement, which has now been shown to be highly effective for this purpose.

Quickly pack on size building big arms with this easy-to-follow routine:

You’ll often see people in the gym training biceps for 45 minutes or more, it’s no wonder they don’t seem to add even 1/8 of an inch to their arms in a year! ‘Short’ and ‘INTENSE is the best training protocol for adding mass to the biceps quickly.

When it comes to packing size on your biceps, here are a few time-tested training principles you can follow:

  1. Train them hard. To get your biceps to grow, you need to overload them by periodically training them to failure and beyond. Don’t just go through the motions, get yourself prepared and do some high intensity sets and really squeeze out every last rep.
  2. Train them fast. If you’re primary goal is to add muscle mass to your arms, your entire biceps routine should take about 25 – 30 minutes…tops! Building muscle is not like running a marathon; it requires short, intense effort.
  3. Let them recover. Don’t underestimate the importance of allowing your biceps to recover fully from an intense training session. If you’re really training your biceps to the max, than believe it or not, but 24 or even 48 hours recovery time isn’t enough healing time. Allow at least 5-7 days before training them again. More is definitely not…better.
  4. Hit them from every angle If you are serious about increasing strength and size, then you must introduce exercises that stress the bicep from every angle.  Using a combination of straight bars, EZ bars, dumbbells, keeping the palms facing out, and no bouncing or swinging the weight, will ensure maximum growth

If you’ll looking for a basic biceps routine that you can use to blast your arms to more mass quickly and effectively, then try the following. But remember the 4 principles mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way. This biceps program calls for performing just 3 sets of three exercises… 9 sets in all. After warming up your biceps with a couple of very light, to moderate weights, jump right in and train hard, fast, and with intensity.

Exercise 1: Standing Barbell Curls – These are an old standard, but are still a favourite mass builder. I suggest a fairly narrow grip-approximately 8-10 inches apart, using a slow controlled movement throughout the range of motion. Be sure to squeeze hard at the top of the movement, and for extra intensity emphasize the negative, eccentric portion of the movement. Shoot for 8-10 reps with a moderate to heavy weight.

Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Curls – Do this movement with both arms simultaneously rather than in an alternating manner, it cuts out cheating movements. Use only a slight incline to fully emphasize the biceps, and be sure to squeeze the biceps hard at the top of the movement; you will need to get a full stretch at the bottom position for maximum results. Work in the 8-12 rep range for 2-3 strong sets.

Exercise 3: Cable Hammer Curls with Rope – Use a rope attachment on the low cable of a pulley machine. Grasp the rope extensions with your palms facing each other. Curl the weight up to your chin, squeeze hard, and lower slowly. Two heavy sets of 8 reps each should do the trick. This one will really bring out your Brachialis muscle too, adding overall mass to your arms. If you’re looking to add more mass to your biceps quickly, then give this simple, but very effective program a try.

If at the end of your workout your biceps aren’t fatigued then you simple haven’t worked them hard enough, you can’t move a car by simply putting your finger on its boot, the same goes for your bicep”They must be forced to grow”.

Of course, building big arms or creating gains in strength and body size, will be that much greater when you finish your workout with a high-protein drink…it’s even better if you have a protein drink before your workout.






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