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‘How’ to Increase Muscle Size and burn Tons of Body Fat!

(HIT) The Insane Fat Burning & Muscle Building Program

For a long time now bodybuilders have know and practiced a little known secret formula that even helps them Increase Muscle Size’ and decrease their overall body fat levels down to 4%.

Cardio is not king, or is it?

Cardio does burn off the maximum number of calories during the workout, but there it ends. After your hard, sweaty workout, calorie burning ‘Stops’, your body concentrates on repairing tissue breakdown and replacing ‘Glucose’ stores.

So fats stored around your sides (love handles) and abdominal fat, especially stubborn fat remain hard to move…this in turn can affect the trainee to give up.

So how can HIT (High Intensity Training) remove unwanted body fat and help you keep, even Grow muscle size’, leading to better health and fitness.

Hit helps to:

  • Accelerate ‘Fat’ burning
  • Improves ‘Endurance’ levels
  • Builds muscle mass
  • Shortens’ training times for those on the go
  • And combines the effects of both ‘Muscle growth’ & ‘Aerobic exercise’

The main goal of HIT is to improve aerobic and fat burning processes, keeping the body in perfect shape. HIT will burn excess Calories not only during the exercise phase, but for several days after the training session.

Work hard for 30 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds then repeat, what could be easier…you have started the bodies fat burning process for days to come, even burning fat as you sleep, as seen on the BBC’s scientific program…’Horizon’.

Hit works in the same way as sprinting, the difference between a sprinter and endurance runners is the amount of muscle a sprinter keeps regardless of the amount of work they do. Endurance runners burn skeletal muscle whereas, sprinters only burn fat.

HIT training

‘How’ to execute the HIT program, remove fat & keep your muscle size…

You are going to be doing a whole body workout, so get ready for a crazy muscle burnout. In a nutshell, you will need the use of a stop watch to time each phase of the program. Because you need to go flat out, and I mean flat out for 30 seconds, you must almost be at the point of giving up at about the 20 second mark. Then stop and rest for 10 seconds. Repeat again for 8 sets…over a 3 day period. Don’t be tempted to do them every day; your body may well burn out.

There are a number of ways and gym equipment you can use to do this program, but it’s important to start slowly, use only body weight, and take notes.

  1. Using only body weight (basic), you could do squats, sprints, dips, a step box, pull ups, press ups, bur-press, or star jumps. I have used my stairs at home.
  2. Using weights (basic), consider the following, thrusters, kettle bells swings, cleans and squats.
  3. Using gym equipment (basic), treadmill, stationary bike, crossover’s, and weights.

Important, when you first start this program you may find yourself flagging near the end, so try combining other exercises. For example, do squats, and then push ups, followed by star jumps.

It’s important that you don’t underestimate just how difficult HIT’s can be. So start off slowly, do say 3 sets over a 2 day period. When you improve then move on to 6 sets over the same period. Then increase to 3 days.

Remember you are not counting reps; you are working against the clock…the TT of aerobic exercise. So you must work as fast as possible during each and every set and on the next HIT workout try to go even faster.

If you do any cardio you may be fooled into thinking that the short time scale, around 5 minutes, is just not enough time to burn fat, but research as shown the opposite effect. And you continual to burn fat over the next 24hurs, that’s why bodybuilders love HIT for competition, because you burn fat and not…muscle!

One more, but very crucial step you must observe before you start your routine. It’s important to plan out your Nutrition, training, and lifestyle. Also pay attention to eating a meal one hour before you train and take any energy drinks about 30 minutes before, remember that the aim is to burn fat and not muscle mass.

Plan when to take your Amino Acids, Creatine, Neuro-stimulators, Glutamine and energy boosters etc. Also make sure you have a stop watch, a note pad-pen, and a heart rate monitor. Take notes when you can, for example, where did you do well, or where did you do worse and so on.

It’s also important to cool down after your training. Stretching is a good way of doing this…take about 15 minutes to cool down.

Sleep is very important too. If you don’t get 8 hours sleep you are jeopardizing your recovery, slowing down any progress you could be gaining to help Increase Muscle Size.

For Advanced Trainees Only

OK so you have given the above program a go and for you it was a little easy, well don’t give up just yet…try this on for size.

  1. Start by doing 10 reps of push ups, followed by 10 reps of sit ups, then follow that with 10 reps of squats.
  2. And without any rest in-between, do 9 reps of push ups, followed by 9 reps of sit ups, then follow that with 9 reps of squats.
  3. Then again without any rest do 8reps of push ups, followed by 8 reps of sit ups, then follow that with 8 reps of squats.
  4. Followed by 7 reps of push ups, 7 reps of sit ups, then follow that with 7 reps of squats.
  5. Follow that with 6 reps of push ups, 6 reps of sit ups, then follow that with 6 reps of squats.
  6. Then 5 reps of push ups, 5 reps of sit ups, then follow with 5 reps of squats.
  7. Then 4 reps of push ups, 4 reps of sit ups, then follow with 4 reps of squats.
  8. Then 3 reps of push ups, 3 reps of sit ups, then follow with 3 reps of squats.
  9. Then 2 reps of push ups, 2 reps of sit ups, then follow with 2 reps of squats.
  10. Then 1 rep of push ups, 1 rep of sit ups, followed by, 1 rep of squats.

All must be done without a rest and as rapid as possible.

I Hope you found the above exercise of value, remember that consistency in every thing you do will help to ‘Increase Muscle Size’…this is my top tip for today!

Are Your Genetics Stopping You From Getting Fit a Very Important Question!

Over the years it has become blindingly obvious to those in the fitness industry that some people, regardless of routines or personal effort, with find it agonizingly difficult to get fit.

As someone who run a gymnasium for many years and wrote out many muscle building routines for my gym members, I began to notice that some members would excel and become extremely fit over a short period of time, where as others struggled regardless of the routine they followed, diet, or effort expended.

It was obvious to many that there was something fundamentally different between the guy who got fit easy and the guy who was struggling.  In fact, I would say that the guy who was struggling, sweating profusely in the corner of the gym, tended to put in more effort, time, and dedication than the guy who was soaring ahead of everyone in the gym. We have all seen these guys in our gyms, tending to condemn, under our breath, the guy who is finding it easy and ignoring the guy who is finding it exceedingly difficult.

Now science as caught up with these findings and research has shown that your genetics will prejudge our fitness levels. Let’s get something straight right away, I’m not talking about body fat, I’m talking about fitness levels. Four these people who have the right genetics fitness is a snap, unfortunately, should you have the wrong genetics you’ll always be at a disadvantage.

So what am I saying, if you have bad genetics then you shouldn’t exercise… NO, not at all. Because, there are too many positive benefits to be derived from the effort of the fitness training to give-in, stop altogether, or make genetics an excuse not to train.

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Train hard, eat lots of pizza, and grow big muscle size…



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